Thursday, 31 January 2008

4 weeks old

Minnie is four weeks old now :) That means I am half way through waiting for her and we have *just* four weeks before we can bring her home.

Can't wait :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A Waiting Game

Just a month to go now, sooooo excited :)

I have been trying to occupy my time with puppy-shopping. I have a crate, blankets and a puppy carrier (rucksack style) ready for carrying her around in to socialise her in the early days.
I have a puppy pen on the way and a very cute pink puppy bed. Food enough for a month or so and enough toys for the whole litter I suspect! A nice new collar and harness/lead and a puppy book to fill in important details (such as her first Christmas, Birthday, holiday etc) and photos.

Most importantly plenty of love awaiting her arrival :)

It's like waiting for Christmas on Christmas Eve, only far, far longer ...