Saturday, 27 February 2010

Super Sunny Saturday

I'm feeling a lot better now and Muzzle is letting me run around and jump in the mud (it's been raining a LOT here recently) - hooray!

Muzzle took this photo of me today when we had some sunny time on our walk. She loves it and says I'm intensely beautiful. That sounds good to me :-)

Hope all my blog friends are having a wonderful weekend.

Love, Minnie-Moo xxx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Up and running

Hi all,

As you saw from my photo with the plastic cone on my head, I have been poorly recently :( The ABs helped with the infection in the skin around my eye, but then it got bad again so I had to go back to the vets for more drugs. I also had to have some tests run - I was very brave and let Muzzle leave me at the vets for a few hours while they sedated me to take some samples and blood. I was very pleased to see Muzzle and Daddy again when they picked me up! It seems I have an allergy to something and I itched it so much the skin got sore.

I am on ABs for another few weeks and Muzzle is taking me to see our holistic vet in a few weeks too. I am feeling much better now and don't have to wear the plastic cone, yay! The skin has healed really nicely and the hair that I lost around my eye is growing back well so Muzzle won't have to get out the black marker pen! (Joke!)

Muzzle took this photograph of me yesterday, she's finally able to let me run around in the muddy fields again without having to worry about nasty stuff getting into my skin and making the infection worse. Life is GOOD.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Angels Among Us

Our thought for the weekend ...

As some of my blog friends already know, Muzzle is involved with a UK dog rescue charity called Oldies Club, which rescues and rehomes dogs aged 7+. That's how my new old brother Jasper came to live with us.

We know many of you are in the US, so Muzzle wanted me to let you know about a few similar rescue groups she has heard of.

There's Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary - link.

There's also the Grey Muzzle Organisation - link.

Oh (and edit), knew there would be more - there's also the Old Dog Haven - link.

She's sure there are more and will link to them if she remembers/finds them. If you know of any others helping older dogs, tell us :-) Check them out for your next doggie friend/to see if you can help them :)

We love the "oldies" and wish that all dogs had lovely homes. Muzzle sometimes (often) is in tears because dogs are being put down because there aren't enough good homes. Please think about making your next dog a rescue dog. There are breeds, ages, sizes and personalities of rescue dog to suit every nice owner.

We are all rescue dogs here and we get on brilliantly, snuggle up on the sofa together and look appealingly for treats together too.

Muzzle says rescue dogs are wonderful ... have a great weekend.

Love Minnie-Moo and an emotional Muzzle