Monday, 31 May 2010

Out for lunch

Yesterday Muzzle and Dad took me and Jasper, my Oldies Club brother, out to visit a garden. They had a cream tea and saved us each a little piece of the scone. Yummy!

Since Muzzle is usually behind the camera and not fond of being photographed, Dad took hold of the camera for a little while for a change and photographed us with Muzzle. We like this photo :-)

It was a beautiful garden and dogs are welcome, but we have to stay on lead. I usually want to charge around at the sight of lots of grass so it was a bit confusing for me but still fun!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Minnie Me?

Recently we met a little Labrador puppy out on a walk. She was very sweet and gentle and said hello very nicely to us.

Muzzle said the puppy reminded her a lot of me when I was little. She took this photograph of her and my oldie brother Jasper.

A word to the wise.