Saturday, 31 May 2008


Today we went to a place called Avebury to see some stones.

Didn't sound much fun until we got there and I found all this delicious food all over the ground. Mum said it was some delicacy called sheep poo? It was sooooo tasty I kept trying to eat it all - and there was lots of it. Apparently it comes from the fluffy things that were wandering around the stones. I thought they were dogs but they made a weird noise, not a woof, more of a baaaah.

It got really hot so we had to go and find a cafe so we could sit in the shade and have a drink. I didn't want to drink any water but dad put some of his Elderberry fizzy water in his hand for me.

The first slurp made me pull a face like I think mum would pull if she had tried the sheep poo, think some bubbles went up my nose, but I liked it lots after that and it made me feel less thirsty!

Then we went to look at some more stones - I really don't see the attraction but mum wanted a photo of me by one, I guess I made it more appealing to look at :)

So here's Minnie-Moo posing by a big stone to keep mum happy!

Dad was just overwhelmed to be a part of it, as you can see ...

Then Dad and I had to wait outside a few shops while mum went in to "browse" - which according to Dad means spend money on stuff we don't need. I did have lots of people admiring me though and met some really nice children who stroked me and let me kiss them (although I don't think they knew about the sheep poo!).

Here's Dad and me having a cuddle before he drove us all home :) I'm tired now, but will be back soon ...

p.s. mum said I was really good around the sheep. I walked within a few feet of them and didn't react at all - she said I was far more interested in their offerings.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

First train ride

Today I went on my first train ride. Admittedly it was a rather small, slow train but mum said at least it departed on time.

I don't look very happy, do I? I did quite enjoy it though, just had to keep my head in so I didn't get dripped on by overhanging branches.

There was a little boy on the train in the seat infront of us and his dad said it was his first train ride too :-)

Alex my human cousin came along with his mum and dad and another couple who are friends of ours.

I had a bit of a run afterwards - and did some crazy running back to my mum, which made her laugh lots!

I also did some posing, I am a pretty girl,
everyone says so ...

I also helped Alex feed the ducks. Well I say help, perhaps barking at them wasn't the most helpful of moves?

Still, they were getting all the food and attention? What was I getting? Huh?

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Minnie-Moo on Gold (Hovis) Hill

Remember the Hovis ad that featured that beautiful hill and the boy on the bike? Well today I visited the hill. What a beautiful place it was.

We sat at the top of the hill while mum and dad had a coffee and people admired my beauty and some people had their wedding photos taken on the hill.

Then I posed for photos. Firstly with mum - sorry about her pulling a funny face, she just can't help herself. That's why she spends most of her time *behind* the camera.

Then they decided to walk down the hill. I am still little so it was
too steep and far for my puppy legs so daddy carried me down ...

A few people commented on the way down that they wished they could catch a lift too!

I did keep a look out back to make sure mum was still with us and hadn't sneaked back to the cafe for another drink!

I have lost a pointy tooth!

I have lost a few teeth now, I think some I swallowed, was wondering what that thing was in my mouth. My mum has been very pleased to have found a few though and is keeping them safe.

I wonder if I will get money from the tooth fairy so I can buy some new toys?!!

Here's me and my toothy grin :-)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Today I met my human "cousin"

I met Alex today, he's my dad's brother's son, so mum and dad's nephew and my sorta-cousin in a canine-human way. He's cute, nearly two years old and he likes me lots. He calls me Minniedog.

Mum took some photos of Alex and me with Alex's mum.

They didn't go quite as planned - they do say never to work with children or animals apparently - but they are cute.

Well of course they are, I'm in them!

Alex decided he wanted to use his mum as a human climbing frame so I made a quick exit ...

But mum did manage to get us to pose for a photo quite nicely together with the help of both Alex's mum AND dad!

We were there to wish my dad's mum a happy birthday. Mum took a photo without me in it! She said she was keeping me away from the cat.

I got my first war wound today, a scratch on the nose - I only tried to say hello! Woe is Minnie-Moo.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

I'm sooooo prettttty!

Aren't I?!!!

(click on the photo to make it larger for extra Minnie-Moo prettiness!)

Monday, 5 May 2008

Have I grown?!!!

Mum and dad took me out today for some socialising, while they stuffed their faces on a cream tea!

I had to make do with some dog treats while I lay on the floor waiting next to them - but mum praised me lots and told people how wonderful I am, which is very true!

Mum took some photos - surprise, surprise!

Here I am, posing with my dad ... and showing him how much I love him :-)))

Doing a little posing on my own :-)

Wondering if I'm cute enough for treats?!!
I got a bit tired towards the end so dad carried me for a while ...

... but mum and dad said I look as gorgeous as ever :-)

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Mum said with these ears I could audition for the next Minnie Mouse role - what do you think?