Saturday, 15 December 2012

Long time, no blog ...

Hi, it's Minnie-Moo. I know it has been AGES since I posted here.

I have recently posted on Muzzle's blog, if you want to take a look, click HERE. We'd love you to stop by there and wish us good luck :)

Muzzle (that's my Humum for anyone who doesn't know) has been very busy on the computer, herself, and I've been very busy entertaining my little rescue Sis, Daisy.

We have had a very sad time recently as my big brother Max, AKA Mr Moo, passed away in October :(

We had celebrated his 13th Gotcha Day just days before and I know Muzzle and Dad feel very blessed to have shared so much of his life with him, but we all miss him terribly. He was a rescue too, they brought him home as a bit of a teenage hooligan. I've posted a photo below of Mr Moo and me, in the woods, from a few years ago. Muzzle hasn't yet got her head together enough to write a proper tribute to him, but she will, in time.

We must have missed so much and hope our blogger friends are well.