Friday, 30 December 2011

Hello again!

Hello, we hope you all had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year :-)

I have some news - I have a new Sister, called Daisy. You can see her on Muzzle's blog, here. She has perfected a very sweet and innocent, butter wouldn't melt look for the camera!

Muzzle was taking some photos of her last night and making noises to get Daisy to look at her and I was intrigued too, so I got off the sofa, stuck my tongue into Muzzle's mouth and asked her to photograph me too. Not that she needs asking as she says I am beautiful and a true joy to photograph.

Love Minnie-Moo xxx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Little Gift

Hello all, haven't blogged for quite a while. Thank you to those who left kind messages when we lost Jasper. Muzzle has been having a difficult time and I've been doing my best to cheer her up.

Recently, we've been taking part in the Pedigree Adoption Drive 2011, which aims to raise £100,000 to help rescues in the UK. Muzzle is hosting a virtual kennel on her blog and anyone can take the lovely Ripley dog for a virtual walk to unlock a donation for rescue (so do take a minute to go and visit, it doesn't matter where you live!).

Today we received a little gift - an adoption drive ID tag - for taking part. Muzzle photographed me wearing the new tag. She told me I'm beautiful :-)


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jasper - the very saddest news :-(

We have some very sad news about my little old doggie brother, Jasper :-(

Thank you to everyone who has sent him good thoughts.

Minnie & Muzzle

Friday, 26 August 2011

That Friday Feeling

Hello, long time no blog again, sorry. Hope you are all well.

We had some more bad news about Jasper recently, the vets found a tumour in his abdomen area :( Due to his heart problem and general fragility, in discussion with various vets, Muzzle and Dad decided not to put him through surgery or anything else invasive. So we are counting each day with him as a blessing. He is doing ok at the moment and still up for little walks.

I did have some Good News recently though, following my last blood test for my liver enzyme levels. Visit Muzzle's Blog to read about it :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Love Minnie-Moo xxx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Nearly the weekend

Hello all,

We have had a worrying week as my older brother Jasper has a poorly heart and as you can imagine, Muzzle and Daddy are worried :(

Jasper is on meds and has another vet check in a couple of weeks. He's still got a good appetite and zest for life and as we always have, are counting each day with him as a blessing.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

(Muzzle thinks I had caught a whiff of tuna cake)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Find your sunshine ...

... adopt a rescue dog.

Muzzle took this photograph of me this week for her blog and said it is one of her favourites ever of me. So we thought we'd share it here too :-)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Remembering my Best Big Sister Ever

Today it would have been my big Sister Cassie's Gotcha Day. Muzzle wrote a long blog about her here.

Muzzle and Dad got sad lots today, but we decided to remember all the wonderful years and times we all shared with Cassie too and celebrate her life. She really was the BBSE!

Sorry also to the lovely people who had left comments on previous posts. Muzzle hadn't had any notification of them so had only just seen them. Not sure why they didn't come straight through. Usually it's just the spam that gets held back.

Love Minnie-Moo xxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so much to the very gorgeous Dexter who very kindly requested good thoughts for me on his (and Mango's) blog and thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to post here and wish me well. We are so grateful for your thoughts.

Muzzle says I look so fit and healthy but the results are still really worrying her (and the vets are concerned too and talking about ultrasounds). We are really hoping that this new supplement does the trick and brings my results back to an acceptable level on the next test.

Could you spare some thoughts for my little old brother Jasper too please? He's 13 plus and has a heart murmur and now his liver isn't looking so good. He is still very much enjoying life, but he could do with some healing energy too please. You can meet him here.

Love Minnie (& Muzzle)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Good thoughts for my liver please

Hello, hope all my blogging friends are well. A special hello to the gorgeous Mango as he has been a bit poorly of late :( We have always loved Mango and his gorgeous Lab brother, Dexter, but ever since we lost our brindle girl Cassie last year, we have loved the Mango even more. Nothing beats a gorgeous brindle Mastiffy creature.

Muzzle is worrying about me at the moment and would like to ask for your good thoughts. I had a routine blood test a few months ago, which showed my liver enzyme levels were elevated. It was retested a few weeks later and the levels had risen (though I had had an operation and medication so we thought it might be related to that).

I then had a re-test a couple of months after that, after being on Milk Thistle for about 8 weeks. The levels had increased again :-( Muzzle took me to see our holistic vet today and we are trying an additional supplement for a month and then doing *another* blood test. I may have to be sedated and have an ultrasound after that.

Muzzle and Daddy are worried about the sedation and we just want me to be all well, so if you have any good thoughts to spare, we would love some to head my way. I am looking really good, am full of energy etc., but that isn't stopping Muzzle worrying.



Saturday, 19 March 2011

Just Another Black Dog

Hello, although we are in the UK, we have recently discovered an amazing lady called Ashley who is in Mississippi in the United States, who dedicates her life to helping dogs and runs the Lucky Dog Rescue.

As the wise amongst us know already, black dogs are truly wonderful, beautiful creatures. However the unenlightened don't yet feel the same way and Ashley has a gorgeous dog called Pepsi who has been a foster dog for two years :( She is obviously very much loved and taken care of but this gorgeous girl is looking for a forever home of her very own.

Here is the gorgeous Pepsi (photo posted with permission from Lucky Dog Rescue)

You can read more about Pepsi HERE on Ashley's post called Just Another Black Dog (we don't think there's any such thing, we're all unique and fabulous!). If you know of anyone who might be able to offer her the BEST home, please tell them about her.


Minnie-Moo, one of many very special black dogs in this world

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paws for Japan - World Vets

Hello all, today Muzzle and I are taking part in Paws for Japan, to promote the raising of funds for World Vets, an organisation which is out in Japan to help with the animal rescue efforts.

Paws for Japan

Muzzle is auctioning some greeting cards over on her blog, with all proceeds going direct to World Vets. Do pop to her blog and take a look.

We are also, as a family, supporting a charity which is out there assisting people.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Thank you :-)

Thank you to the lovely people who are still visiting my blog and posted the other day, despite my long absence. Hope everyone is ok.

It was my Gotcha Day at the start of the week. Three years since I was adopted and came to live in my forever home. I had a lovely day, which included a walk with my older brother, in the woods, which makes me very excited. Here we are posing after a good run about. Great fun!

My older brother Jasper, who came to join us just last year, has had a couple of funny turns in recent months. He had one just a few days ago. Seems to be doing well now but Mum and Dad have kept a close eye on him. If you would like to send good thoughts, Mum made a post about him on her blog, here.

Also, if you are in the UK and know anyone looking to adopt a rescue dog, do keep an eye on her blog as she photographs a few of the lovely dogs looking for a great home. It's really sad that not every doggie has a wonderful home yet :-(

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hello, is there anyone out there? How are you? If anyone is still following my blog, please post and say hello and let me know how you are doing.

Haven't blogged for AGES, sorry. Muzzle is really busy on the computer working and trying to help rescue doggies.

I had to have a lady operation a while back, which went very well and I'm all recovered and back to bouncing around now. Here's my I've been running after my ball again face.

Have fun!