Saturday, 23 August 2008

Minnie-Moo at work

Muzzle had to go out and take some photos for a project she's helping with, so I went along with dad too.

I was very well behaved and sat nicely for dad while Muzzle took the photos.

Later on I found the inner lid of an ice cream tub and carried it around for ages looking very pleased with myself. Mean Muzzle and dad didn't save me any ice cream though :-(

Monday, 18 August 2008

Wiggle's mini-auction

Wiggle's foster mum is running a mini-auction on the Refuge, a great forum that my mum is on which she says helps lots of animals in rescue.

To see the auction, click here. Mum said there are lots of great things to bid on, including Labrador things, dog toys, books, DVDs, greeting cards, dog prints and Wiggle's balls! Poor Wiggle!

The auction is running until bank holiday Monday 25 August - you have to join the Refuge to bid, but that's really quick to do (well it is if you have hands rather than paws, so if you are a dog too, ask your mum or dad to help you join!).

Mum has donated some photo cards, including this one, which is one of her favourite photos ...

Has anyone seen my ears?!!!

They were there earlier then mum took this photo of me.

H.E.L.P. Where did they go?!!!

Phew, found them again now! That's better!

Panic over!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Seven months

I am now seven months old, that means I've been here with my Muzzle and family for nearly five months. Wow, time goes quickly when you are having a great life :)

Here I am, pulling a bit of a silly face for my Muzzle.

Me again, sitting pretty ...

I am wearing my new collar, made by a very nice woman called Laura and given to me by Auntie Val - thank you :)