Saturday, 28 August 2010

No more apples ...

My brother Max (AKA Mr Moo) and I like to eat apples from the garden when they fall from the tree. Muzzle lets us have some but stops us having *too* many - although her idea of too many seems to vary from ours!

She made us come in yesterday so we couldn't have anymore. This was my pwease can we have some more face ...

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Black Labradogs are the best!

I have entered Dexter's black Labradog contest - you can read all about it here on the blog he shares with his lovely brother Mango.

While the untrained eye may think us black Labs all look the same, we do in fact vary quite considerably as I'm sure Dexter's contest will prove.

I may be slightly biased but I think us black Labradogs are the best. Muzzle says we're like sunshine and have such joy of life. She says we're always ready to go do something and have great enthusiasm for everything, whether it just be popping into the garden, or being fed, or going out for a great walk.

Muzzle says black Labradogs are always fun to be around and full of love and really enjoy spending time with their family and that she always plans to have at least one in her life at any time, preferably more :)

If you're a black Lab (anywhere in the world) and you have a blog, you've still got a little time to take part in the contest - just follow the link above for info on how to submit your photo etc.

Here's a photo of me that Muzzle took ages ago but only re-discovered recently. Not the one I've entered for the contest of course as that would be a bit too helpful to those trying to guess which photo is mine!

Thanks to the handsome Dexter for running this contest,


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Time to make Muzzle smile

Muzzle has been very, very sad since we had to say goodbye to dear Cassie. We have been taking Muzzle out for walks and this week she felt up to taking some photos of me playing chase/bounce with one of my brothers. He is 11 and still up for playing :) She also took a little video clip. Hope you enjoy.


Running together:

I don't like being chased by strange dogs, but love to be chased by my doggie friends

I am good at jumping (though not good at jumping over things like teeny fences, says Muzzle)

I am not so good at hiding ...

Muzzle says my brother was mostly white when we left home ...


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Goodnight Cassie, sleep tight ♥

We are having a very sad time :-( My big sis, Cassie, very sadly passed away this week following a serious illness. Cassie had seemed completely fine until just over two weeks before she left us. Muzzle is heartbroken and crying lots and we are all missing her.

Cassie was 12 and a rescue Bullmastiff cross Muzzle and Dad adopted when she was 12 months old. She has been so lovely and gentle with me since I arrived from rescue as a pup and we had lots of great times playing and snuggling together. She really was a beautiful girl and we can't quite believe she has gone.

Muzzle is too upset to write much right now but is going to write a proper tribute to her, on her blog, once she is ready.

Here are a few photos - one of the five of us taken just a few months ago when everything was ok; one of Cassie and me snuggling when I was a pup; and one of the last photos taken of Cassie.

If anyone would like to light a candle for Cassie, that would be very kind.

Sleep tight Cassie, we will love you always