Sunday, 22 August 2010

Black Labradogs are the best!

I have entered Dexter's black Labradog contest - you can read all about it here on the blog he shares with his lovely brother Mango.

While the untrained eye may think us black Labs all look the same, we do in fact vary quite considerably as I'm sure Dexter's contest will prove.

I may be slightly biased but I think us black Labradogs are the best. Muzzle says we're like sunshine and have such joy of life. She says we're always ready to go do something and have great enthusiasm for everything, whether it just be popping into the garden, or being fed, or going out for a great walk.

Muzzle says black Labradogs are always fun to be around and full of love and really enjoy spending time with their family and that she always plans to have at least one in her life at any time, preferably more :)

If you're a black Lab (anywhere in the world) and you have a blog, you've still got a little time to take part in the contest - just follow the link above for info on how to submit your photo etc.

Here's a photo of me that Muzzle took ages ago but only re-discovered recently. Not the one I've entered for the contest of course as that would be a bit too helpful to those trying to guess which photo is mine!

Thanks to the handsome Dexter for running this contest,



Stella said...

Hi Minnie!

Its good to hear you are joining in the contest. You are a beautiful Lab and your baby picture is darling!

Good luck,


JackDaddy said...

My dad was a black Lab. Does that count?

The tall guy said he loves your puppy picture!!

Mango said...

Why does momma always get happy sad tears in her eyes when she looks at you. Then she says, "oh she is just the most beautiful little thing ever." I guess that's OK since you are a gal and I know I am her favorite boy lab.