Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wordless (Sunny) Wednesday

Cows in our field!

Yes that's right, there are cows in one of our fields. Well it's not strictly our field but it feels like it and now they've moved cows in again. Woe. My brother told me as I am house-bound for a few weeks, so he's helping Muzzle with photos for my blog.

Here's the evidence:

After seeing the cows, Sno went down to the stream to have a drink.

They had a walk round the fields that were free - he had this whole field to himself:

and was most excited, so had a good charge around for a bit ...

Had a rest

Charged around again:

And then did some posing in my absence ...

What fun on a lovely sunny day, wish I could have gone too. And a nice tree letting them stop in its shade for a moment.

They did get a bit wet as the skies opened on the way home though. He he!

And a quick reminder about the Minnie-Moo greetings card auction - see here.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Minnie-Moo cards for sale!

Remember recently I told you about little Minnie, a pup born in Sri Lanka and being cared for by Dogstar Foundation? She was named after me.

I said then that Muzzle and I wanted to do something to try to raise a little money to donate to Dogstar. Well Muzzle takes some great photos as some of you know and she has had some printed as greetings cards, which she sells through a little business she has, so she's decided to do a little blog auction of a few of her cards, with the highest bidder to donate the money to Dogstar.

Here are the cards we've chosen - there are five, glossy photo greetings cards - they are A5 size when folded, so a good size. They come with an envelope and are blank inside so you can add your own message.

There's one each of the following designs - the first four feature yours truly, from eight weeks up, the last one is my brother Max on the beach (one of Muzzle's favourite ever photos!). You can click on the photos to see larger versions. Muzzle has given me a copy of the photo used and also a photo of the card itself so you can see how it looks as a card.

OK, now to the important part - raising money :)

You can bid from anywhere in the world provided you can pay by PayPal as Muzzle will ask you to pay Dogstar direct - Muzzle will cover the cost of postage and she will post the cards out once Dogstar confirm they've received payment.

If you would like to bid, please just post your bid in the comment box. Please bid in British £ to keep it simple (Muzzle says you can check out currency conversions at XE).

Bidding for the set of five cards to start at £2 please.

(as a guide, each card usually sells for up to £2.50).

The auction will end at 9pm (British time) on Monday 4 May 2009 and the last and highest bid to be posted on here before that time will be the winning bidder. Payment to be made via PayPal within seven days.

Muzzle is also going to post about this on a forum, so if she receives any bids from there, she will add them as a comment herself.

We really hope some of my blogging friends will join in this auction as it would be great to raise some money to help little Minnie and her friends at Dogstar.

Thank you for reading :) Any questions, please ask!

Monday, 27 April 2009

In our garden

Muzzle took lots of photos of us in the garden at the weekend as it was nice and sunny. I thought we'd share some ...

We took our Air Kong toys outside to play - Mr Moo and I have one each, exactly the same, but he tries to steal mine. At one time he had them both but still manages to look as though butter wouldn't melt!
We both ran after the toy - sometimes he got there first

Other times I did! Muzzle says I am probably faster than him but he is very quick and nimble for a ten year old and often gets to the toy first.

Here's a shot of my brother that Muzzle really likes. She says he looks very thoughtful (he's probably wondering about dinner!).

Here's me posing with my toy:

And in front of the bluebells - though I seem to have a bit of a blue tint to me in this one!

And here are a few photos of flowers in the garden - I don't eat these ones though.

We have had lots of rain today which hasn't been as much fun :-(

Muzzle wants to set up a pet photography business - we think she's great and other people do too!

Awards for Minnie-Moo

A few of my blogging pals have very kindly shared their awards with me recently and I've not been very good at doing anything with them, so I am going to post about them now.

Henry the dog shared two awards.

The first:

Henry said:

The first one is the Premio Dardos Award. Premio Dardos apparently means “prize darts” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. That can't be me - it sounds much too grand, but hey, what the hell. I AM grand. And so are my doggy pals.
And the second:
About which Henry said:

The premise of this award is blogs that one couldn't miss each morning.

Thank you Henry, it's great to know people enjoy my blog :)

In addition, Dexter, lovely Lab brother of Mango shared this award:

I am meant to tell you ten honest things about me. I am going to have a think about this and will add things as I think of them! Thanks Dexter!

I would like to share these awards but I don't want to single dogs out - so they are for any doggie friends that follow/post on my blog :)

28 April update:
OK, I am going to do the ten things in stages when I get a chance to think about them.

1. I am called Minnie-Moo because: Muzzlehad applied to adopt a Lab pup from rescue and was thinking of names. She had boy names sorted but no girl names. She was sat talking to my brother Max (AKA Mr Moo/Moo) and telling him the pup would be a mini version of him - she said the pup would be a "mini Moo" - and there was my name, Minnie-Moo! :-)

2. I sleep most nights with my Muzzle and dad, I like to snuggle up between them and sometimes I share Muzzle's pillow. She says she prefers to find my head on it than my bum!

3. I am a Labrador but I'm not very keen on water, except to drink. Mud is good, fresh flowing water not so good. We went for a lovely walk in a forest recently and Muzzle had to almost push me into a teeny stream to encourage me to have a drink.

4. When I am parted from Muzzle and don't want to be, I sometimes say "Mummy" (well quite a lot actually). They haven't managed to get it recorded yet but they find it very cute and it helps me get what I want.

5. I do a spinning dance when it's dinner time because I get so excited.

6. I am going on my first holiday this year. It is just for a few days but there are lots of people going and about 50 dogs! Lots of them are rescue dogs like me. Many people and dogs are camping but Muzzle and I have a room in a B&B with our own bathroom!

7. I like eating horse pooh, it's tasty ... and sheep pooh and cat pooh and rabbit pooh. Sometimes Muzzle forgets I have eaten pooh and lets me kiss her.

8. I have a long tongue. Quite often when I fall asleep a little bit pokes out, which Muzzle and Dad find really cute. Also, when I am alseep, if Muzzle looks at me, I will often wake up. Muzzle says we are joined at the hip.

9. When we are out walking and I'm off-lead and running ahead, I like to turn back often to check Muzzle is there and ok. We're joined at the hip.

10. I am a little Labrador, small but perfectly formed. A true "Minnie", Muzzle says.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The brother's new collar

Muzzle decided my collie brother Sno needed a new collar - this photo probably explains why!

After some research, she decided on a Dublin Dog collar, which can be washed under the tap with soapy stuff and come clean again - no need for washing machines!

Muzzle took a few photos of him in his new collar - he looks rather smart, don't you think?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Fun in the forest!

We went to the forest. We had fun. Muzzle took lots of photos ...

Hope you enjoyed looking at them :)