Monday, 27 April 2009

In our garden

Muzzle took lots of photos of us in the garden at the weekend as it was nice and sunny. I thought we'd share some ...

We took our Air Kong toys outside to play - Mr Moo and I have one each, exactly the same, but he tries to steal mine. At one time he had them both but still manages to look as though butter wouldn't melt!
We both ran after the toy - sometimes he got there first

Other times I did! Muzzle says I am probably faster than him but he is very quick and nimble for a ten year old and often gets to the toy first.

Here's a shot of my brother that Muzzle really likes. She says he looks very thoughtful (he's probably wondering about dinner!).

Here's me posing with my toy:

And in front of the bluebells - though I seem to have a bit of a blue tint to me in this one!

And here are a few photos of flowers in the garden - I don't eat these ones though.

We have had lots of rain today which hasn't been as much fun :-(

Muzzle wants to set up a pet photography business - we think she's great and other people do too!


Mango said...

Minnie -
You do not like the water? Oh my, I thought all labradoggies loved to swim. Maybe I could show you how.

About those slobber proof collars, I think my brother is just pouting because he has such a boring collar (hard to find 30" collars).

I used to have a tennis ball barbell too. Momma says you look exactly like me in that picture of you with it in your mouth and she gets all smooshy.


Nibbles Treats said...

You definitely have a talent for taking photos. Go for it!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

bbes tribe said...

Loved the pictures of Minnie and the flowers in the garden. Thank you for the info on the collar. We live in Washington state. It is fun to get comments and get to know people and pups from other places.
Have a fun day!!
Ernie & Sasha

Anita said...

Amazing photos! You look so cute!
The flowers are beautiful!

Linzi said...

What lovely photos and beautiful dogs!
Looks like your enjoying the sun as much as we are!

Linzi x x

Amber and Nala said...

Looks like you had fun in the garden! I also hope your Mom's cards do well in the auction....they are very nice. As for setting up a pet photography business, that is very ambitious! :) My Mom says she thinks it would be very difficult but so worth it. She also loves taking doggie photos. Tell your Mom good luck.