Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nearly six months young!

Mum told me this morning that I am going to be six months young this week. That means I have been with my lovely family for almost four months! What fun I have had in that time.

Mum took some photos of me earlier. I didn't want to pose at first, I sat nicely when asked but I kept looking away from the camera.

Mum was a bit cunning and got a bag of homemade tuna cake from the fridge - I was happy to look at her then as she gave me tuna cake as a reward for being a good girl.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Out for dinner

Tonight mum and dad were invited to dinner by some friends of theirs and they took me along too. Other guests brought their old black lab x Wilbur along, he was nice and I made friends with him - and mum said I was well behaved :)

Mum and dad ate lots of yummy food cooked by a very nice Italian woman and they did share a few bits with me :) Mum also had a few drinks (dad was driving) so she was rather feeling rather jolly. I think her head will hurt a bit in the morning though!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Minnie-Moo the Retriever is famous

Today I have been to the park to play ball with my mum. She is not that great at throwing at the best of times but today she filmed me on her phone at the same time.

I was a very good girl though, sitting for her so she could throw the ball etc.

Afterwards we said hello to a very nice lady and mum told her all about Lab rescue and Oldies Club. Then I came home for a rest and a drink.

When we got home, the post arrived - Auntie Mindy has sent mum a copy of the latest LRSEC newsletter and I AM FAMOUS. Mum wrote an article about me for it and I have a double page - and I do look very cute in the photos, even if I do say so myself :-)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My brother

The observant amongst you will realise this photo isn't of me. It is in fact a photo of one of my brothers - mum took it today and we really like it :)

He has just started to play with me, he can be a bit nervous of new things, but I think we are going to be good friends.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Princess Minnie-Moo and the pea

Mum was hoovering today - well she does most days, she says that's the downside to having dark haired dogs and a cream carpet - and she stacked a couple of beds and cushions up in one area to get to the carpet.

I thought I'd make myself comfy. As you do. It was cosy, there was even another bed under the one you see in the photo. Meanie mum moved them after I'd woken up though.

The bed is a Kudos one, we really like them :)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Playing ball with Alex

Finally I can show you a little video of me playing ball with Alex, my mum and dad's nephew :)

Mum had to teach him to throw the ball away from me, not *to* me but for a nearly 2 year old, he picked that up quickly and we all had a giggle playing :)

The video was taken over a month ago - mum says I've grown a lot since then!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

I iz all grownd up!

Mum took some new photos of me today at her nephew's birthday party and said how grown up I am looking! She said I have grown lots in the last few weeks.

She says I am very wise and like an old soul in a puppy's body.

Mum told me I am still a very pretty girl - that's all right then!


Mum has told me about Wiggle, a lovely black lab who has been taken into the care of Labrador Rescue South East & Central (LRSEC), the same wonderful rescue that looked after my doggie mum and my brothers and sisters when we were born.

Wiggle has a bad skin condition and is now in an LRSEC foster home receiving treatment. Wiggle has his own blog here. He could do with some healing thoughts too. I hope I might get to meet him one day and I bet when I do he will be looking and feeling a lot happier!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

My first business meeting

Today I went with mum and dad to a business meeting. It was in a posh building and there were lots of stairs so mum carried me all the way up to save my legs. She said next time we go back, daddy's carrying me!

Mum and dad (mostly dad) did lots of talking in the meeting but I was a good, quiet girl and lay on the floor and sniffed for crumbs. Mum gave me some tuna cake for being a good girl and after the meeting we stopped off at the bakery and mum shared her cheese croissant with me on the way home :) I like business meetings.

I also like being a mad, crazy poopie. Here's me chasing my friends in from the garden ...

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

You can have your Minnie-Moo cake and eat it!

It was my daddy's birthday recently but he had to go and work at a show on his birthday. Mummy wanted him to have a cake even though he wasn't at home, so she organised some very special cup cakes to be delivered to his hotel. What do you think? Are they the cutest cakes you've ever seen?

Saturday, 14 June 2008

My silly brother

We have lots of places here for dogs to lie. There's a sofa, two armchairs, two crates and three other dog beds. Plus the pink puppy bed my mum bought before I came home - remember that? The one that just about fits me.

Guess where my brother decided to go to sleep then?! Yep, my pink puppy bed ...

... he curls up really small and falls asleep. Bless. While I hog the sofa :)

Here he is again

Oh and here's another photo of me looking pretty in my new collar :)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

My first dog show

Today I went to help mum on a stall at a dog show. We were there to tell people about Oldies Club, a UK registered charity which rescues and rehomes older dogs and try to raise some funds. We did raise some money but mum looked sad and said it was a lot less than last year. Still, she said Oldies Club is really grateful for every penny, especially as it is facing high vet bills, and we met some really nice people.

Here's a photo of the stall being manned by Kelly from Oldies Club and her partner. If you look carefully under the table you can make out two black labs, that's me and Sir Henry!

Mum also took some photos of an oldie girl - a Heinz 57 sort apparently?! - who mum said reminded her a lot of Sweetie, an older girl that my family adopted a few years ago. Sadly Sweetie passed away last year, about a year before I was born, so I didn't ever get to meet her, but I know she meant a great deal to my mum and dad and had a happy few years here. Sweetie was the reason my mum got involved in Oldies Club, she wanted to help other oldies find their new forever homes.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Inspired by my blog, Maddie-Pup (who lives with an internet friend of my mum's) has set up her own blog :-) You can read Maddie-Pup's blog here.

Friday, 6 June 2008

I have a new collar!

My mum bought me a lovely new collar, hand-made just for me. It's made with a cherry material and mum said it looks wonderful with my shiny black coat :-)

Here's a photo of me in my new collar. If mum manages to take any better photos I will show you. It's very smart isn't it? It was made by a lovely lady who helps rescue dogs and mum said I deserved a treat as I am now five months young!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Oldies need your help

I know I am only a young 'un myself, but I wanted to post an appeal on behalf of Oldies Club, a UK registered charity which rescues and rehomes older dogs and needs *your* help.

There are lots of older dogs needing a home, including Bouncer, a lovely sixteen(!) year old Labrador cross.

Oldies Club needs people to:

  1. Donate money so it can help more dogs
  2. Adopt an older dog
  3. Foster an older dog until he/she can be rehomed
  4. Donate money so it can help more dogs
  5. Help with transporting and/or homechecking on a voluntary basis
  6. Help with fundraising/events on a voluntary basis
  7. Donate money so it can help more dogs
  8. Put up posters and tell people about Oldies Club
  9. Donate money so it can help more dogs

For more info please click here.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ladies wot lunch

Today I went off for lunch with mum and dad and my two very special Aunties :) My lovely Auntie Mindy let mum and dad adopt me, while my special Auntie Helen and her family fostered me for a week before I went to live with mum and dad.

It was a lovely day for meeting up with friends. We had lunch in a great pub - and in true Labrador stylee, had bits of food fed to me under the table :)

My "cousin" Barney, one of Auntie Helen's dogs, came too and he and I had a bit of a run around in the pub garden and posed for some photos (that's Barney and me, or large and little!) above, left.

I did a spot of posing and looking pretty :-)

Barney looked his usual very handsome self.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

World Guitars

Today I went with mum and dad to World Guitars, Glos. The shop owners said I was a lovely girl and made a big fuss of me!

They were putting up some new mirrors though and I got confused at one point and started barking at my reflection.

I couldn't understand why I was standing with my mum, but could see her standing with another dog at the end of the room?!! Mum & dad laughed at me!

On the way home I got to share a little of mum's egg mayo roll and eat the extra filling out of the paper bag. Yummy!

Here I am with my dad :-)

Monday, 2 June 2008

Pedicure and Boyz n the wood

Today mum and dad took me to see the vet nurse today to have my toenails clipped! Mum said she was a bit worried about doing it herself as my claws are black so we went to see the pro. No photos of that but mum did take some photos of my brothers having a run in the woods this afternoon ...

Running off to investigate what is lurking around the corner!

Running to dad ...

Having a race ...