Saturday, 28 February 2009

Naked Minnie-Moo

After my mud bath today, Muzzle had to wash me AGAIN and she left me naked for a while so I could dry off before my collar went back on.

She took me into the garden quickly as the sun was going down and took a few photos of me naked, which we like.

I confess, I am a poser!

Need another follower

I'm so pleased that I have so many people following my blog - thank you to everyone that stops by to see what I'm up to, even once in a while.

Muzzle doesn't like the number 13 though - she says if anyone reading this isn't already following my blog, please sign up and make it up to 14!

Thanks, Minnie-Moo and Muzzle xxx

The after-bath

Yesterday I lay in some rather mucky stuff that had been spread on one of the fields, so I had to have a shower. Muzzle said I smelled really lovely afterwards - but I didn't think I smelled very doggie so today on our walk, I lay down in the mud to cool down ...

Muzzle wasn't thrilled, but this is what I thought of her giving me a shower ;-)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Amazing Jerry and his amazing family

Muzzle says you will need tissues to watch this, but that you'll be glad you did ...

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spring is in the air

Thank you for all the good wishes, I am feeling better now :-)

Yesterday the sun was shining, Muzzle said spring had arrived (though it seems to have changed it's mind today!).

Muzzle took some photos of my collie brother and me with a "spring in our step".

The sun made a nice change from the snow and rain we've had recently.

My brother refused to play with a lovely labrador but then had a good charge around on his own.

He looked very pleased with himself ...

On the way home he decided to go through a hedge rather than using the gate, so Muzzle called him back through and took some photos.

Muzzle took this photo of me last week. We were in the woods and she heard a woodpecker in one of the trees. She stood watching the bird for a while - and tried to take some photos but none of them were any good.

Then she turned round to see what I was doing - and I was just sat patiently waiting for her like this. She said I am a very good girl and make a very good photographer's assistant :)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Calling all Martin Clunes fans! Bid on a walk-on-part in Doc Martin!

Muzzle asked me to let you all know about a great fundraiser that someone at Oldies Club has arranged.

If you are a fan of Martin Clunes, check out this eBay listing - it's for a walk-on-part on Martin's TV show Doc Martin.

It's very exciting, we hope it raises lots of money for Oldies Club :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

I iz pawly

I yam pawly.

My tummy went funny a few days ago and I had to go to the vets. I was very good and enjoyed saying hello to the vet and the receptionist but I wasn't so keen having my temperature taken. How come humans have something placed in their mouth but we have to have something stuck up the other end?!

The vet gave Muzzle some tablets and paste for me, which she has been putting on my food. We didn't have a very good night one night but last night we managed to get more sleep, just getting up once in the night. I have been eating but Muzzle has been giving me lots of meals, with less in them. I like the lots bit, not so keen on the less, but she says it's for my own good.

I hope I am feeling better by morning or I have to go to the vets again. Muzzle mentioned taking a sample to the vets. How I'm going to manage to pooh in such a small pot I don't know?!!

Muzzle will take some more photos when I am better - for now I am getting lots of cuddles and attention but we're not doing anything exciting. If you have any healing thoughts, please send them my way ...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Happiness is ...

... A walk with Muzzle, chasing my ball and then coming home for snuggles in front of the fire. Labrador bliss :-)

What makes you happy?

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A very special walk

Yesterday Muzzle, Daddy and I went on a very special walk with my brother Max and some friends of ours. We met up with Wiggle and Sir H - who were both adopted from the same rescue as me (Labrador Rescue South East & Central) and their mum Wendy. Wiggle has his own blog too (see my blog links to the right and down a bit!).

My brother is not always a huge fan of meeting new dogs, but Muzzle and I knew how lovely Wiggle and Sir H and thought Max might be ok with them. We met up and Max was a bit rude to the boys at first but we all walked on, with the three boys on lead (I was allowed to go off-lead as I'm Minnie-Moo Goody-Four-Paws) so Max could get used to the boys and realise they didn't want to hurt him.

We walked for a bit and Max was allowed off lead first. Muzzle was really pleased to see that he was happy and waggy and not bothered by the boys anymore.

(I'm the small cute one, Max is carrying a duck and Wiggle and Sir H were wearing their jumpers).

Sir H came off-lead next, and Max chose to walk right next to Wiggle, even though he had lots of space around him.

Finally Wiggle, who was very patient (thanks Wiggle!) came off-lead - and then Max and Wiggle had a game of ball! They both looked as though they were really enjoying it and Max really loved Wiggle's company. Even when they had a collision over the ball, they just bounced right back and carried on chasing it!

Muzzle got a bit emotional during the walk as she was so pleased to see Max making new friends. This was her favourite photo of the walk ...

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Time!

Today I went with my brother to the woods again - it was snowing, which was great fun - luckily we don't collect those funny snow balls on our legs and underneath bits like some dogs do!

Having a good sniff on arrival ...

We kept moving to make sure we stayed warm and did some toy chasing which was fun too!

Here's my brother, having fun :-)

Muzzle said she needs to practice taking photos of black dogs against snow - this isn't up to her usual standard, I agree!

She did however take some closer-up shots which she was really pleased with. Got to admit, I'm looking rather cute!

We walked by the lake again. It wasn't totally frozen over but the ducks were a bit cold we think and were hanging around near the edge hoping for food, which we didn't have. We'll try to remember to buy some soon - they do get fed regularly though.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Minnie of the Manor

Do you like our new home? It's pretty cool isn't it? :-)

OK, so it's not our new house, Muzzle just made Daddy stand outside it with me today for some photos. It's a beautiful building in a village we visited this afternoon. I think we rather suit the place though?

Wonder if they'd let us share, it had a wonderful garden.

We had gone to have a drink somewhere but everywhere was cold so we had a wander round and then drove home. We stopped off on the way so I could have a run in a wood we went past. It was all going ok until Daddy threw my ball-on-a-rope in the air and it landed in a tree. It's usually Muzzle who does that! Thankfully he managed to find a really long branch that had come down and managed to unhook the ball! Clever daddy.

We got home and Muzzle lit the stove so we could all snuggle up and keep warm. It's meant to be snowing lots in the UK tonight but we don't seem to have any here yet so Muzzle is going to do a snow dance. When she works out which way she should go.

Greetings card auction for Dogstar

Muzzle knows Sam, a woman who started up a wonderful non-profit organisation called Dogstar, which works in Sri Lanka to help some of the dogs there.

Muzzle decided to donate some of her photo greeting cards to raise funds for Dogstar - you can see the cards here. The auction is running until 9pm on Wednesday 11 February 2009.

You can read more about Dogstar through one of Sam's blogs - Muzzle cried when she first saw the photo of Shep, the puppy. He is looking a lot better now thanks to Dogstar and its volunteers.

Along with every other animal welfare organisation, Dogstar could really do with some extra funds at the moment, so do send them something if you have any to spare :)