Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A very special walk

Yesterday Muzzle, Daddy and I went on a very special walk with my brother Max and some friends of ours. We met up with Wiggle and Sir H - who were both adopted from the same rescue as me (Labrador Rescue South East & Central) and their mum Wendy. Wiggle has his own blog too (see my blog links to the right and down a bit!).

My brother is not always a huge fan of meeting new dogs, but Muzzle and I knew how lovely Wiggle and Sir H and thought Max might be ok with them. We met up and Max was a bit rude to the boys at first but we all walked on, with the three boys on lead (I was allowed to go off-lead as I'm Minnie-Moo Goody-Four-Paws) so Max could get used to the boys and realise they didn't want to hurt him.

We walked for a bit and Max was allowed off lead first. Muzzle was really pleased to see that he was happy and waggy and not bothered by the boys anymore.

(I'm the small cute one, Max is carrying a duck and Wiggle and Sir H were wearing their jumpers).

Sir H came off-lead next, and Max chose to walk right next to Wiggle, even though he had lots of space around him.

Finally Wiggle, who was very patient (thanks Wiggle!) came off-lead - and then Max and Wiggle had a game of ball! They both looked as though they were really enjoying it and Max really loved Wiggle's company. Even when they had a collision over the ball, they just bounced right back and carried on chasing it!

Muzzle got a bit emotional during the walk as she was so pleased to see Max making new friends. This was her favourite photo of the walk ...


Ruby said...

Hi Minnie-Moo
That looked like a very fun walk. I'm glad your brother had a good time.
Love Ruby

Amber said...

I like that last photo is furtastic! What a fun walk and I am glad Max got along with the other dogs!


Painter Pack said...

Hello Minnie-Moo!!! So glad to see woo have had a good time on the walkie!

Mya Boo Boo

Black Jack's Carol said...

I totally understand that emotional thing. When Black Jack makes new friends, I feel the same:) Great pics, and I'm so happy you had such a fun walk!

Ruby Isabella said...

There is nothing like a good walk for making new friends. Look at all that snow. Don't your paws get cold?

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Thank you all, we are going to do it again soon hopefully :)

Ruby Isabella, Muzzle says I'm so active that I keep warm and my paws don't get cold. I think she's right. I often lay down on the grass while I wait for her to catch up on a walk - and I've been doing that in the snow too. Makes a change from lying in mud!