Sunday, 1 February 2009

Minnie of the Manor

Do you like our new home? It's pretty cool isn't it? :-)

OK, so it's not our new house, Muzzle just made Daddy stand outside it with me today for some photos. It's a beautiful building in a village we visited this afternoon. I think we rather suit the place though?

Wonder if they'd let us share, it had a wonderful garden.

We had gone to have a drink somewhere but everywhere was cold so we had a wander round and then drove home. We stopped off on the way so I could have a run in a wood we went past. It was all going ok until Daddy threw my ball-on-a-rope in the air and it landed in a tree. It's usually Muzzle who does that! Thankfully he managed to find a really long branch that had come down and managed to unhook the ball! Clever daddy.

We got home and Muzzle lit the stove so we could all snuggle up and keep warm. It's meant to be snowing lots in the UK tonight but we don't seem to have any here yet so Muzzle is going to do a snow dance. When she works out which way she should go.


Henry the Dog said...

When we first saw that we thought you'd won the lottery, until we carried on reading:) Is it snowing yet where you live? Uncle Hugh rang his grown up pups this morning and they're working from home today, it's so bad. They live in Yorkshire. I'm not keen on snow. It gathers in big balls on my fur. Not good!

Amber said...

That does look like a cool house and what a fun gate to take pictures in front of. :)