Friday, 13 February 2009

I iz pawly

I yam pawly.

My tummy went funny a few days ago and I had to go to the vets. I was very good and enjoyed saying hello to the vet and the receptionist but I wasn't so keen having my temperature taken. How come humans have something placed in their mouth but we have to have something stuck up the other end?!

The vet gave Muzzle some tablets and paste for me, which she has been putting on my food. We didn't have a very good night one night but last night we managed to get more sleep, just getting up once in the night. I have been eating but Muzzle has been giving me lots of meals, with less in them. I like the lots bit, not so keen on the less, but she says it's for my own good.

I hope I am feeling better by morning or I have to go to the vets again. Muzzle mentioned taking a sample to the vets. How I'm going to manage to pooh in such a small pot I don't know?!!

Muzzle will take some more photos when I am better - for now I am getting lots of cuddles and attention but we're not doing anything exciting. If you have any healing thoughts, please send them my way ...


Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!! What a beautiful dog!! I love the expressions of Black Lab' thoughtful!! :)

Amber and Nala said...

Oh Minnie-Moo, I hope you feel better soon!

Ruby said...

Hi Minnie-Moo
We hope you're feeling better soon.
Take care.
Love Ruby & Penny

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Thank you all! I am feeling much better now, Muzzle took some photos of me running around and looking better, will show you later.