Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nearly six months young!

Mum told me this morning that I am going to be six months young this week. That means I have been with my lovely family for almost four months! What fun I have had in that time.

Mum took some photos of me earlier. I didn't want to pose at first, I sat nicely when asked but I kept looking away from the camera.

Mum was a bit cunning and got a bag of homemade tuna cake from the fridge - I was happy to look at her then as she gave me tuna cake as a reward for being a good girl.


Wiggle said...

Hi Minnie-Moo!
Today I discovered goose poo, it's great!! Although your mummy may not want to cuddle you if you've rolled in it, lol.
I look forward to meeting you very soon but for now will senf you a cyber kiss.
Lots of love and licks, Wiggle xx

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months birthday georgous Minnie-Moo :)

Wiggle said...

Happy Six Month Birthday, Minnie-Moo!

Lots of love and licks,
Wiggle xx