Sunday, 25 May 2008

First train ride

Today I went on my first train ride. Admittedly it was a rather small, slow train but mum said at least it departed on time.

I don't look very happy, do I? I did quite enjoy it though, just had to keep my head in so I didn't get dripped on by overhanging branches.

There was a little boy on the train in the seat infront of us and his dad said it was his first train ride too :-)

Alex my human cousin came along with his mum and dad and another couple who are friends of ours.

I had a bit of a run afterwards - and did some crazy running back to my mum, which made her laugh lots!

I also did some posing, I am a pretty girl,
everyone says so ...

I also helped Alex feed the ducks. Well I say help, perhaps barking at them wasn't the most helpful of moves?

Still, they were getting all the food and attention? What was I getting? Huh?

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