Saturday, 10 May 2008

Today I met my human "cousin"

I met Alex today, he's my dad's brother's son, so mum and dad's nephew and my sorta-cousin in a canine-human way. He's cute, nearly two years old and he likes me lots. He calls me Minniedog.

Mum took some photos of Alex and me with Alex's mum.

They didn't go quite as planned - they do say never to work with children or animals apparently - but they are cute.

Well of course they are, I'm in them!

Alex decided he wanted to use his mum as a human climbing frame so I made a quick exit ...

But mum did manage to get us to pose for a photo quite nicely together with the help of both Alex's mum AND dad!

We were there to wish my dad's mum a happy birthday. Mum took a photo without me in it! She said she was keeping me away from the cat.

I got my first war wound today, a scratch on the nose - I only tried to say hello! Woe is Minnie-Moo.

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