Saturday, 31 May 2008


Today we went to a place called Avebury to see some stones.

Didn't sound much fun until we got there and I found all this delicious food all over the ground. Mum said it was some delicacy called sheep poo? It was sooooo tasty I kept trying to eat it all - and there was lots of it. Apparently it comes from the fluffy things that were wandering around the stones. I thought they were dogs but they made a weird noise, not a woof, more of a baaaah.

It got really hot so we had to go and find a cafe so we could sit in the shade and have a drink. I didn't want to drink any water but dad put some of his Elderberry fizzy water in his hand for me.

The first slurp made me pull a face like I think mum would pull if she had tried the sheep poo, think some bubbles went up my nose, but I liked it lots after that and it made me feel less thirsty!

Then we went to look at some more stones - I really don't see the attraction but mum wanted a photo of me by one, I guess I made it more appealing to look at :)

So here's Minnie-Moo posing by a big stone to keep mum happy!

Dad was just overwhelmed to be a part of it, as you can see ...

Then Dad and I had to wait outside a few shops while mum went in to "browse" - which according to Dad means spend money on stuff we don't need. I did have lots of people admiring me though and met some really nice children who stroked me and let me kiss them (although I don't think they knew about the sheep poo!).

Here's Dad and me having a cuddle before he drove us all home :) I'm tired now, but will be back soon ...

p.s. mum said I was really good around the sheep. I walked within a few feet of them and didn't react at all - she said I was far more interested in their offerings.

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