Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Yesterday Muzzle and Daddy took me with them when Muzzle went to photograph a friend and her dogs.

I watched one of the dogs working with a training dummy and wanted to have a go, so their friend gave me one of the dummies (to keep, lucky me!) and I had a go at retrieving from the water. I love to retrieve and Muzzle said that tempted me a bit further into the water than I would usually go.

It may not have been quite how the "pros" do it, but we had great fun ...

I love my new toy!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Fun Times

Had a lovely walk today, met a little dog we meet sometimes and we had a good sniff and a play together and then a chill out. Muzzle said I was good and just used a firm paw to put him in his place when he was jumping at my face - she said it wasn't his fault he is so little and couldn't reach without jumping LOL.

We stopped for a rest while Muzzle and Daddy were talking with the little one's mum and Muzzle thought this made a really cute photo.

Then I had another play with my brother - Muzzle said it was good to see me being my usual calm self ...

LOL, she calls it my enthusiasm for life and loves me (lots) for it.

Here's one of my brother being a handsome dude ...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It's never black and white

Or is it ...
Muzzle has a new lens and managed to take a few photos before the rain descended upon us again.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Puppies and a lost Simon

Yesterday when I was out with Muzzle and Dad, we met some puppies - they were VERY little and very sweet and Muzzle asked their mum if she could take some photos.

I posed with them for some photos but they were a bit fidgety so this was about the best one LOL.

There are some much better photos of the puppies on Muzzle's blog - click HERE.

Muzzle also wanted me to tell you about Simon, just in case you are in the Bristol area in England. She read about him on the internet, he is missing and his family are really worried. He's a ten year old black Lab.

This is Simon's photo (borrowed from doglost) - and you can read the details here, in case you are near enough to help his owners.

Be found safe very soon Simon!