Friday, 29 January 2010

My new old brother

Hello everyone, thank you for the good wishes for my poorly eye (well the area around my eye).

I've finished my Anti-Biotics now and Muzzle is letting me have some time out of the plastic cone for good behaviour. She says I have been a very good girl at wearing it - when she went to put it back on after taking it off to clean it/give me a break etc., I poked my little head back through the collar for her, which she says helped her a lot.

Now to introduce you to our family member. He is 12 years old and has been with us four weeks now. He was due to be put down the day before New Year's Eve - you can read about that on the Oldies Club site here.

Jasper has settled in very well and Muzzle and Daddy say it feels like he has always been here. He is a very nice boy and we think he likes it here now. He was unsettled at first, but spending the night at the vets, then going in a car with strangers and then to another car and another home, must be upsetting.

This is one of the first photos Muzzle took of him, after managing to get him to settle in a dog bed for a while on his first evening.

This one was taken a week or so ago - love his white paw!

and these are from earlier this week. We think he is a very handsome boy :-)

Jasper loves to have a snuggle, likes to help Muzzle light the fire, sits nicely for his food and gets excited when it's time for a walk. When Muzzle gets his harness and lead he starts jumping a little in the air (though he sits when asked). Certainly not a boy ready for the Bridge so we're very grateful to the vets and Oldies Club for saving him. More photos etc. of Jasper here.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Birthday Walk

Thank you for my birthday wishes :) Muzzle arranged a little walk for me yesterday to celebrate my birthday with some great people and lovely dogs!

I got to play with my new ball and had a great run around. It was cold and frosty but a nice, dry, sunny winters day!

We stopped at the pub so that our people could have a coffee and then we walked back again. On the drive home we picked up some more logs and kindling so Muzzle could make us a nice warm fire. Perfect day :-)

Here are a few of the other dogs that joined us, including Jasper, who Muzzle, Daddy and I went to collect on New Year's Eve to foster for Oldies Club. I'll post about him separately soon as he deserves his own post.

This is Jess, who was adopted from Oldies Club :) She came along with her mum and dad and is as ball obsessed as me, maybe even a little more?! We think she is a very pretty girl.

This is Freddie, one of the Bassets that joined us on the walk. She was rather keen to get near the water and we're not sure how she avoided falling in at times (if you look at the link to more photos below, you'll see what I mean!).

Lots more photos can be seen HERE.



Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Muzzle tells me that it's my birthday today! I am now two years old! She says I have grown into a wonderful, beautiful, adorable girl - here's a photo she took yesterday of my mature self LOL

Muzzle and Daddy bought me a new collar for my birthday - it's pink and rather "bling" and makes me look a bit like a cat so but Muzzle says at least people hopefully won't think I am a boy now! She thinks I am far too pretty to look like a boy but lots of people seem to assume I'm a boy because I'm black. Weird!

I think I also have a new rubber ball on a rope, will find out tomorrow on my birthday walk!

Love Minnie-Moo


Post from Muzzle:

Just wanted to wish my baby Minnie-Moo a wonderful birthday. She really is the most gorgeous, wonderful girl and we love her so very much. I remember when I read about her litter being born in rescue when the puppies were just days old. So hard to believe that was two years ago. Shows how time flies when you have a beautiful little girl in your life.

Muzzle :-)