Sunday, 14 June 2009

A fun day!

It was my Daddy's birthday today. They had arranged to go out for lunch with some friends and family and I was allowed to go to lunch too as I am a good girl when they eat out.

Muzzle took us for a nice walk first to try to tire me out before lunch. The sun was out and we met a few new dogs that we've not seen before, including this spaniel that ran everywhere - Muzzle thinks he was called Rocket, which she said was rather appropriate, watching him run!

After we'd got back and Muzzle had fed us dogs, I set off with Muzzle and Daddy and a friend for lunch. Muzzle made everyone pose for a photo - if you look very carefully you can just about make me out, bottom left of photo. Muzzle made a comment to me about the Addams Family, but said not to mention it to them! I had a nice time though, one of their friends gave me some of his steak, yummy!

After lunch we went to visit some more of Muzzle and Daddy's friends, who couldn't come to lunch. They have a little baby, he's about 4 months old. I met him once before, he's the youngest child I've met. I was allowed to say hello to him - Muzzle was very proud of how gentle and calm I was, especially considering how excitable I can be, she said. I hope we will become good friends as he grows up.