Sunday, 28 June 2009

A WINNER at last! (Face in a hole challenge)

Firstly many apologies for taking so long to decide on a winner for my Face in a Hole Challenge.

We had so man fantastic entries and really it's all Muzzle's fault that it's taken so long to announce the winner. Something to do with worrying about the credit crunch I think she said - I thought that was maybe some kind of new dog food or a breakfast cereal, but looking at her face, I think not :-(

Anyway, we tried to decide which was our absolute favourite but it was really tough, so in the end Muzzle printed out the names of our favourites on lots on little bits of paper, folded them all up, made me sit and stay and put the bits randomly down on the floor.

Then she sent me to them to choose the winning name - she picked up the first piece of paper I chose, which is the winner :-)

... drum roll ...

It's Mango!!!

Congratulations Mango - a very worthy winner indeed :-))

As we said at the start of the challenge, there is a small prize for the winner, so if you could ask your mum to email mine with your address, we will send something to you :-)

Thank you everyone for taking part, it was really fun and if we do another challenge in the future I will try to get Muzzle to announce the winner more quickly next time!

Love Minnie-Moo

Friday, 26 June 2009

Happy Birthday Sno!

It's my brother's birthday today, he's ten. He's lived here for just over five years, so longer than me, since he was adopted from rescue, just like I was. He's my buddy, we like running together.

Happy Birthday Sno :-)))

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Walk with Little Louie

Today Muzzle and I met up with her friend Amy and her dog Louie, who is a rescue dog too, for a walk and a late breakfast (well I'd already had my breakfast but I got to share a little of theirs too!).

Muzzle took a few photos, including these two lovely ones of Louie:

Louie made a new friend who was a similar size and colour and they had a great run around together:

We had a good walk ...

(and Muzzle says we did walk in the same direction a lot of the time!).

Louie did a bit more posing:

and we had a paddle in the river:

Then we had a walk around the town. Thankfully the weather wasn't as hot as it has been and the rain stayed away too. I met lots of new people who thought I was lovely and said hello to me, which makes me very happy. I'm a friendly girl :-)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Wiggle!

Today we wanted to wish Wiggle a very happy first gotcha day. He went into the care of Labrador Rescue South East & Central, the same rescue I was adopted from. He was in a very sorry state to start with and he looks so much better now than he did a year ago.

You can visit Wiggle's blog here - there's a montage which will make you cry, so have tissues at the ready. You can see how old and sad he looked to start with and how amazing he looks now, after receiving lots of tlc from his mum.

We first met him in July, a few weeks after he had gone to his new mum- here he eye-ing up her ice cream!

We've met up with Wiggle, his brother Sir H and their human mum a few times now. My brother Max can be grumpy with other dogs, but Wiggle and Sir H have always been great with him so he regards them as his friends now. Amazing that Wiggle is such a wonderful dog after all he has been through.

A few of Muzzle's photos of Wiggle and his friends.

Happy Gotcha Day Wiggle - from all of us xxx

(we wanted today's post to be for Wiggle, so Muzzle has posted some photos of me on her blog).

Thursday, 18 June 2009

If you're happy and you know it ...

We think these photos say it all - having fun in the fields :-)

Monday, 15 June 2009

A fun day! Photo-fest

Today Muzzle and Daddy took my brother Mr Moo (Max) and me to a forest to meet up with Wiggle and Sir H - who were both adopted from the same Lab rescue as me - and their mum. Wiggle and Sir H are LOVELY dogs. Max can be wary of dogs he doesn't know but they were very good with him from the first time he met them and he now regards them as part of his little doggie pack of friends.

Muzzle took LOTS of photos - it has been a lovely sunny day but we had lots of shade in the forest too.

Sir H (which seems to stand for Hippopotamus!) loves to wallow and headed straight for the first bit of muddy water we found:

Max dropped his duck into the water:

but then didn't look too thrilled about carrying it on the rest of the walk

so Muzzle had to carry it in a bag - and she gave him one of my balls to carry for a bit instead:

But not the RED ball, that's my favourite:

We had a good walk around and went to find some *clean* water for Sir H on the way back:

He found a piece of "water art" to lie next to ...

and then rose from the water looking like a swamp monster!!

While Wiggle had a good swim - though sadly his ball sank and even though he spent a while looking for it, it had gone for good :-(

We had a lovely time and I can't wait to go again!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

A fun day!

It was my Daddy's birthday today. They had arranged to go out for lunch with some friends and family and I was allowed to go to lunch too as I am a good girl when they eat out.

Muzzle took us for a nice walk first to try to tire me out before lunch. The sun was out and we met a few new dogs that we've not seen before, including this spaniel that ran everywhere - Muzzle thinks he was called Rocket, which she said was rather appropriate, watching him run!

After we'd got back and Muzzle had fed us dogs, I set off with Muzzle and Daddy and a friend for lunch. Muzzle made everyone pose for a photo - if you look very carefully you can just about make me out, bottom left of photo. Muzzle made a comment to me about the Addams Family, but said not to mention it to them! I had a nice time though, one of their friends gave me some of his steak, yummy!

After lunch we went to visit some more of Muzzle and Daddy's friends, who couldn't come to lunch. They have a little baby, he's about 4 months old. I met him once before, he's the youngest child I've met. I was allowed to say hello to him - Muzzle was very proud of how gentle and calm I was, especially considering how excitable I can be, she said. I hope we will become good friends as he grows up.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sun's back!

After all the rain we had yesterday, the sun came back today - yay! We had a run around in the field, but Muzzle made sure we didn't get too hot.

Here I am posing ...

Doing my crouching Minnie-Moo impression:

Sno's got my back ...

And asks me to play chase - Muzzle says I don't need asking twice!

If the sun's back, we'll have to go out earlier again tomorrow!