Monday, 21 September 2009

Berry Happy Minnie-Moo

We have been enjoying really nice sunny - and not too hot for running - weather recently and Muzzle has been picking blackberries for us all to eat on our walks.

In the last few days Muzzle noticed I have been watching her picking the berries and have started copying her. She took some photos, including this one ...

Also one of me looking rather lovely - says Muzzle - and one of me having a good run around - my brother was chasing me. I love it when he does that - though Muzzle says she wishes I'd spend more time looking forward while I run around and maybe there'd be less chance of running into her. Oops.

This is a view of some of the fields we walk in. Muzzle says if the sea was just nearby too, it would be perfect.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Love M-M xxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Thinking of Bruce

Some of you may have read about Bruce, the dog seized from his family in Northern Ireland, believed to be of pitbull type (which are illegal in the UK, including Northern Ireland). The poor soul has been held in kennels for a long time and lots of people have been involved in trying to save his life and have him released.

Today his case is at the court of appeal and many people around the world have their fingers - and paws - crossed for Bruce.

Muzzle and I hope very much that Bruce is allowed to live and be released back to his family. He has done nothing wrong other than to be born of a physical appearance banned in some places :-( Imagine your dog being taken from you just because of how they look :-(

A few months ago various candlelit vigils were held around the world. Those that couldn't get to one were asked to hold their own at home and take a photo. These photographs were made into a number of montages posted on YouTube. This was the photo of Muzzle and me. We have been thinking of Bruce all day and hoping so much for a positive outcome.

Here is a video about saving Bruce, borrowed from YouTube:

Please let Bruce live.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Scrounging Minnie-Moo

Yesterday I spent the day at a charity dog show with Muzzle. She had a stall to sell her cards and it was right next to the Oldies Club stall so we had some good company.

Muzzle said I was very well behaved - such a good girl she let me stay off lead most of the day as I just hung around with her and the people nearby and said hello to lots of people and dogs. Muzzle was very proud of me and a few people told her how well behaved I was :)

This did mean I had the opportunity to check all those coming near the stalls for treats - and I did very well from this - well Muzzle said, who could resist this face ... ?