Saturday, 18 September 2010

**Thank You Dexter**

I received an amazing package from the USA recently - my prize for winning Dexter's Black Lab contest on the blog he is sometimes allowed to borrow from Mango the Magnificent.

I got so much stuff! Some balls to play with, a hard chewy thing which I am gradually working out what to do with and a fluffy Moose toy with squeaky bits! Oh and a card featuring a photo of the very handsome Dexter himself.

We also received three wonderful books which were very kindly donated by Randolph. I have given these to Muzzle as she's better at reading than me and she's really enjoying the first one :)

Really sorry, Dexter, we meant to post this a while back but Muzzle was going to take some photos of all the wonderful things. I have to have my chewy thing and toys at bed-time though or my brother will try to nick them - and Muzzle keeps forgetting to bring the camera! So we thought a photo-less post would be preferable to nothing - and we'll come back and add photos when Muzzle is being less rubbish!

Thanks again Dexter, the package was a really lovely gift to receive :-))



JackDaddy said...

Well, it's always such fun to get presents in the mail. Especially when they are in a box!

Mango said...

I hope you are enjoying your pressies and that muzzle likes those books. Randolph is really awesome, isn't he?