Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mr Moo's Gotcha Day

Yesterday we celebrated my big brother Max's (AKA Mr Moo) eleventh Gotcha Day.

Muzzle says if you see him bouncing around and standing on his hind legs to try to grab apples from the tree (a trick he has very kindly passed onto me) you'd not think he was almost 12, but he is!

A few of our favourite photos of Mr Moo. For those of you who don't already know, I got my name because of him. When Muzzle and Daddy were waiting for a Lab pup to come into rescue, Muzzle was struggling to think of a suitable girlie name. She was having a chat with Mr Moo, as you do (you would, if you met him!), and told him that the puppy would be a little version of him, a mini-Moo - and there was my name, Minnie!

Love you Max

Incoming tuna cake ...


JackDaddy said...

They can make cake out of tuna? What CAN'T they do with fish? :)

Mango said...

Tuna cake sounds fantastic. Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Moo! You are adorable.


Anna the GSD said...

Wow, Mr. Moo is lookin GOOOD for 12!! Happy gotcha day!!