Tuesday, 12 February 2008

17 days!

Only 17 days to go now :) I thought black was a bit harsh for a puppy's blog so we've gone for pink. Do hope no one is feeling nauseous? :) It matches the bed and Gordy Gordon (who should arrive tomorrow hopefully!) now I think? :)

Once Gordy Gordon and the puppy teething keyring thingie arrives, I think I am all run-out of things to buy? I suspect she doesn't really need anymore than I have got her, but if anyone sees any "must-have" puppy items, do let me know :)

I have excited cramp in my legs like I get on Christmas Eve when I just *can't wait*. I am a grown up really. Honest.

I guess I should start catching up on some sleep in advance ... zzzzzzzz

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