Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Getting Ready for Socialising

I have been reading up about how important it is to socialise your puppy between the age of eight and 12 weeks.

I have purchased a fantastic product to help me in this quest - it will allow me to carry Minnie around to meet different people and see different things, without having to put her down on the ground and without my arms stretching to the floor.

I have been practicing the wearing of this carrier - and, since I do not yet have Minnie here, have been using a fine substitute: a microwaveable sheep :) Genius! Although slightly smaller, lighter and less fidgety than a small black lab pup I suspect!

Unfortunately I have been the object of ridicule from those who should really know better *sob*. Why I ask myself. Why?

Oh and erm, Jo, if you're reading this, you know that little surprise pressie you gave me at the weekend for Minnie? The one I wasn't supposed to open until she was here? Well erm, it's very nice thank you, she will love it :)


barefootwoman said...

I KNEW you'd open it *lol*! It was only little. I saw some rather fetching puppy collar an dlead sets yesterday....hmmmm....she needs a different one for each day.

Angela said...

It was Rob's fault. He made me :) Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same ... ;)