Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Autumn leaves

Today Daddy had to go to do "stuff" (whatever that means!) in town. Muzzle often takes me along too as she likes to keep me socialised with lots of different things, but she decided it was too nice a day and we'd let Daddy do the boring stuff, so she too my big brother and me to the woods instead. Much more fun!

We had a lovely run around in the sunshine, unlike yesterday when Muzzle said we were all like drowned rats. Max and me posed for some photos when Muzzle had to stop for a rest (she's getting on a bit you see).

It looks as though Max is keeping a friendly big brother eye on his little sis, doesn't it?

In fact he is watching my toy because he wants to steal it!


We did some more posing.

Then I got bored.

And Max did what he had wanted to do all along!

We went off to meet Daddy then and shared chips :) A perfect Autumn day.

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Jo said...

Too much gorgeousness! Well almost too much. You can't have too much Labrador.