Tuesday, 7 October 2008

If you went down to the woods today

You may have seen Muzzle and I getting wet and muddy!

Daddy was going to the farm shop today and Muzzle said she'd take me along too for the ride in the car. On the way though she decided it would be more fun for us to have a walk in the woods so Daddy dropped us off on the way and we went for a wander.

The ground was wet and muddy, which was easy for me to run on as I have four legs, but Muzzle was a bit slow (or maybe it's just her age!). She threw my toy for me lots and said I was a really good girl for retrieving it and carrying it around.

Then a load of water started falling from the sky! Muzzle didn't look very pleased and put her coat on. We were under lots of trees so didn't get too wet but Muzzle was worried in case there was a storm.

I had a fun time and Muzzle said I am such a good girl off lead. I like to wait just a little way ahead of her and keep looking back to check she's ok and wait for her to catch up. She didn't teach me to do this, I just love her lots you see.

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