Tuesday, 10 March 2009

11 Labradors & a Louie - photos galore!

As promised, some photos from my gotcha day walk ...

We started off by the river - I'm not too fond of water (I know I'm a lab, but I prefer Muzzle and mud!). I did get my feet a little wet but I was with Muzzle while she took these photos, so these show some of the other dogs on the walk, who liked the water lots!

This is poor Bert, who got stuck in the river - this was taken at the start of the walk before things got scary. He's lovely, I lived with him and his family for a week in foster before I came home and he let me cuddle up with him. He's like a big brown Labrabear. We're all so glad he is ok.

This is little Louie, a mini-fox-red Labrador (OK, he's not really!). He's very sweet and is as obsessed with a ball as I am Muzzle says.

He had a run around with Sid:
And Sid had a run around on his own. I posted a photo of Sid a few months back, he had been in the pound for six weeks, ended up with pneumonia and I asked on here for healing thoughts. He went into Oldies Club foster care and ended up staying with his foster family. We have thought about him lots but this was the first time we had met him. He's lovely and it was great to see him doing so well after being so poorly :)

Here is a group photo Muzzle took - she thinks she has managed to count 12 dogs there, including all the heads and bums she can see! I'm near the front, right, wearing the harness (which Muzzle said made it easier to find me amongst all the other labs!).

We had a lovely walk along the river

And walked through different fields where I got to chase my ball with the other dogs chasing various dummies and balls.

It got rather muddy and Muzzle was glad she had worn her Muckboots even though she ended up with a little blister.This is Louie waiting for his mum to catch up!

When Bert got stuck, Muzzle put her camera away and then once we got to the pub it rained, then hailed and snowed as we walked back, so she didn't take many photos then!

She did take one of me just before we got back into the car:

And one of Wiggle and Pudding being dried off - how cute?!!

Muzzle counted and said there were at least 8 rescue dogs on the walk, include me - we all got along really well, with lots of chasing, toy sharing, chip sharing etc. Hope we can do it again, without any scary bits next time!


Mason Dixie said...

Wow what a day. Your photos are awesome of all of you. 11 labs and Louie, what a great way to spend a day. =)

Mango said...

Can I come and live with you? There are so many normal doggies there.

I am still not a great swimmer. I do OK until I think too hard and then I start to sink and make HUGE splashes and swallow the pond water.

I am going to swim club again later this week to practice but Momma says its not the same since I wear a floaty there.


SGR said...

Woof! thanks for visiting my blog. Great LAB Dogs. Thanks for being my friend. Woof! Sugar

Amber and Nala said...

What a great and fun time! That looks like one of the best Gotcha days ever! I noticed the ducks in the river...they are brave to stay in the water with all you Labs. I LOVE the picture of you before you got in the car to leave! Great expression and your wet ears are sooo cute!


Black Jack's Carol said...

I don't think I've ever seen that many Labs all together at one time. Perfect way to celebrate Gotcha Day. Lab happiness is definitely contagious. Great pictures! Thank you! Hope it becomes an annual event (Minus Bert's scare, of course. So glad he's okay!)

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Minnie-Moo
What a wonderful way to spend your gotcha day.
We are happy that Bert and Sid are ok.
Love Ruby & Penny