Monday, 30 March 2009

Talk to the tongue

Muzzle and Daddy went out for a late breakfast this morning and as there's a nice walk by the river, took me along too. I had a great time running around and having lots of sniffs and I got to say hello to some new doggie friends, which was fab!

Daddy saved me a chip from his food - well actually Muzzle took it from his plate so he didn't forget to save me one like he sometimes does. I knew the chip was there but waited patiently till they'd finished eating.

Muzzle asked me to pose for some photos on the way back, but I was so excited about the walk, I wasn't in my best posing frame of mind. Hence this photo ...

On the walk back, I had a play with a chocolate Lab girl who had just been in the river ...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Super Polly

Yesterday I mentioned Polly, a Labrador that Muzzle has been helping as her owner died and Muzzle asked if the Lab rescue I was adopted from, could help Polly.

Polly went into foster with my friends Wiggle and Sir H and their mum Wendy, yesterday, and we went for a walk with them in the woods (where I did my aerial sit!).

Daddy made a video of our walk - you can see Polly and us having a good run around, she had a fab time and that made Muzzle very happy :)

You can keep up with Polly's progress on Wiggle's blog.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

My lack of enthusiasm for toys ...

We went on a walk today with my friend Wiggle and Polly, a Lab who is being fostered by Wiggle's mum (more about Polly soon).

Muzzle said she is worried about my lack of enthusiasm for toys, particularly my ball-on-a-rope which she takes on walks. Daddy filmed me ... see what you think ...?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Walk in the Woods

Today Muzzle and Daddy took me to a big wood I hadn't been to before, to see what I thought and how busy it was. It was quite busy around the start but once we got right into the woods it was really quiet and we didn't see many people - which is how we like it sometimes, just us and all the trees and today, some sunshine.

I was so excited when we arrived, Muzzle said I could smell the trees. I wanted my ball but Muzzle said there were so many new smells and places to run, I didn't need my ball - and I guess she was right, I had a great time without my ball today.

I did lots of running around ...

There was quite a lot of mud in places but much to Muzzle's pleasure, I didn't lay down in any muddy puddles today!

Come on Dad, this way, hurry up!

What have I seen? (I'm not sure, I can't remember!)

Posing after an afternoon of running and exploring ...

I hope we go again, it was great fun!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

A surprise for Minnie-Moo ... a new monkey!

Something arrived in the post for me today. I saw "Minnie" on the envelope but I didn't see what was inside as Muzzle ran upstairs with it!

I think she is giving it to me tonight at bed-time, I wonder what it can be. I'm very excited ... :)

Update: My surprise was a new monkey! ...

I was given a monkey as present from Auntie Jo when I was first adopted and I love this monkey and play with it/sleep with it many nights. My monkey was getting a bit worn, he only had one eye and he had had a lot of love, so Auntie Jo very kindly sent me a brand new monkey!

I will still love my old monkey too, but it's nice to have a new one that is up for lots more Minnie-Moo loving. My old one can go into retirement now. Thanks so much Auntie Jo!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Visiting my foster family!

I was born in kennels in the care of Lab rescue, but I spent a week in foster with friends of Muzzle and Daddy before I came "home". I have seen my foster family quite a few times since then, but this was the first time I've been over to where they live since I was adopted!

We had a nice walk with all the dogs except for Cassie piggy as she's a bit old to cope with it all now, so she stayed snuggled up at home.

I had only met their new pup once before and I didn't want to share my ball with him, but I let him borrow my spare ball - Muzzle said I had my bossy head on today. (I'm on the left in the harness).

Cousin Barney and pup playing with my ball ...

Cousin Bert - Muzzle says he's like a big chocolate bear and is great for cuddles. I cuddled with him lots when I was in foster. Everyone loves Bert.

This is Aggie the staffie, who runs nearly as fast as me. She borrowed my spare ball for a bit too. She gives lots of kisses, Daddy had a good chin wash when we got back to their house.

Here I am posing with the pup - he's a lot younger than me but is about the same size as me already.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

11 Labradors & a Louie - photos galore!

As promised, some photos from my gotcha day walk ...

We started off by the river - I'm not too fond of water (I know I'm a lab, but I prefer Muzzle and mud!). I did get my feet a little wet but I was with Muzzle while she took these photos, so these show some of the other dogs on the walk, who liked the water lots!

This is poor Bert, who got stuck in the river - this was taken at the start of the walk before things got scary. He's lovely, I lived with him and his family for a week in foster before I came home and he let me cuddle up with him. He's like a big brown Labrabear. We're all so glad he is ok.

This is little Louie, a mini-fox-red Labrador (OK, he's not really!). He's very sweet and is as obsessed with a ball as I am Muzzle says.

He had a run around with Sid:
And Sid had a run around on his own. I posted a photo of Sid a few months back, he had been in the pound for six weeks, ended up with pneumonia and I asked on here for healing thoughts. He went into Oldies Club foster care and ended up staying with his foster family. We have thought about him lots but this was the first time we had met him. He's lovely and it was great to see him doing so well after being so poorly :)

Here is a group photo Muzzle took - she thinks she has managed to count 12 dogs there, including all the heads and bums she can see! I'm near the front, right, wearing the harness (which Muzzle said made it easier to find me amongst all the other labs!).

We had a lovely walk along the river

And walked through different fields where I got to chase my ball with the other dogs chasing various dummies and balls.

It got rather muddy and Muzzle was glad she had worn her Muckboots even though she ended up with a little blister.This is Louie waiting for his mum to catch up!

When Bert got stuck, Muzzle put her camera away and then once we got to the pub it rained, then hailed and snowed as we walked back, so she didn't take many photos then!

She did take one of me just before we got back into the car:

And one of Wiggle and Pudding being dried off - how cute?!!

Muzzle counted and said there were at least 8 rescue dogs on the walk, include me - we all got along really well, with lots of chasing, toy sharing, chip sharing etc. Hope we can do it again, without any scary bits next time!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Gotcha Day

Yesterday was my first gotcha day, meaning it was exactly a year since Muzzle and Dad brought me home :)

Muzzle organised a special walk for me today, with some of her friends and their dogs. There were 12 dogs altogether, including 11 Labs! It got a bit eventful when one of the dogs got stuck in the river and his mum had to go in and rescue him, but thank goodness they were both ok!

Apart from that scary bit, we had a good walk, though the weather started out really nice and sunny and on the way back changed to heavy rain, followed by hail and then snow! It got sunny again just as we got back to the cars and then started raining lots by the time we got home!

I'm really tired from that so I will post some photos in the next few days. I thought I would share this one from yesterday though, of me cooling off in a puddle.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sunny again!

Had a great walk with Muzzle and Daddy today. It was a nice sunny day and I did what I love to do, run around and chase my ball!

Here's Daddy and me - Muzzle thinks he is trying to do an Irish jig?!

Muzzle says I'd retrieve my ball endlessly. I think she's probably right.

Muzzle believes that yes, this is indeed a spit line. Don't click on the bigger photo if you're eating/squeamish/not good with dog saliva!

She likes to give me a bit of a break from running on walks though, as I run so fast, so sometimes I just walk along with them, carrying my ball. I also do a bit of posing now and then ...

There was a river by where we walk today. Unlike many labs I'm not bothered about the water, I'll just about get my feet wet but I'm happier running around on the grass. Big muddy puddles are a different matter though, I LOVE them.

Having a bit of a rest/pose for Muzzle before we headed home.

To borrow Ruby Isabella's phrasing, life is great when you're a Labrador :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Minnie-Moo's fundraising page

With Muzzle's help I have set up a page on the Just Giving site, which helps people donate to charity.

You can see my page here. I hope it will help raise some money for the wonderful Labrador Rescue South East & Central who took care of my Labrador mummy and helped find me a great home.

If anyone reading this donates - THANK YOU very much.

You can donate via credit card, debit card or PayPal from anywhere in the world :)