Friday, 30 October 2009

Mango will be proud ...

... At least that's what Muzzle thought as she took these photos of me yesterday.

We've made the thumbnails as small as possible and advise that you don't look/click if you are squeamish/eating!

Muzzle was particularly impressed with my effort LOL.

So scroll down if you're brave ...

Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday Frolics!

I had great fun running around with my brother on our walk this afternoon. Thought we would let the photos do the talking ...

One of my older brother looking rather splendid Muzzle says:

Then she tried to take a photo of me (she said Dexter would like it ;-)). You may observe that I was more interested in the dogs walking the other side of the field ...

So Muzzle moved around to take this shot which she thinks is rather lovely:

As Daddy was with us, she got him to take some photos of us - she says I was my usual helpful self, but my collie brother wasn't quite so obliging this time LOL

I think Muzzle loves me rather ...

Hope you enjoyed :-) Sorry I haven't been so good at blogging recently, blame Muzzle for not letting me on the computer as much!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A big thank you for my first donation

Some time back Muzzle helped me set up a Just Giving page to try to raise some more money from Labrador Rescue South East & Central, the rescue that very kindly took my mum in, gave her a safe place to have her babies (including me!) and then found wonderful homes for us all.

Last week I received my first donation to the page - Muzzle didn't realise until yesterday.

We aren't sure how/if we can contact the very kind person directly, so in the hope they may read this - THANK YOU so much for your kindness. The rescue does a wonderful job for Labradors and we are really pleased to help them in any little way that we can.



Sunday, 11 October 2009

Walk with a Wiggle!

Yesterday Muzzle and I arranged a last minute walk with a friend of mine, Wiggle - a black Lab who is a sponsor dog from the same rescue as me - and his mum.

We walked along a river and through different fields where we chased balls, met nice people and dogs and had a splash in the river. Muzzle says I was quite brave as I went in a bit deeper in the river than usual so that I could retrieve the ball. She was pleased about this as it washed off the mud I'd got on me after laying down in a puddle!

We went to a pub/cafe place so the mums could have something to eat and drink and Muzzle saved me the last bit of her hash browns - yummy! Then daddy and his friend came and found us and took us home :)

Here are a few photos ...

Me waiting for Wiggle to come back with the ball.

I did get a bit braver ...

Swamp monsters? LOL

Wiggle loves the water!
Me doing my kangaroo impression for the ball Wiggle's mum is holding! ...

Wiggle looking rather handsome again :-)

There's a ball and a Minnie-Moo in this photo, in case you were wondering ...

Friends posing together :-)

Wiggle doing a bit of an Elvis impression

ME in the WATER past my ELBOWS! LOL

Me and my shadow

Pretty Minnie-Moo (so Muzzle says!)

Very handsome Wiggle

and after that Muzzle and I wanted to show you just what wonderful things Wiggle, his "mum" and Labrador Rescue South East & Central have made happen. Wiggle came into rescue in summer 2008 after living a less than happy life for some time - this is one of the first photos his mum took of him - it makes Muzzle cry whenever she looks at the photo.

What an incredible transformation?! Wiggle looks so much younger, healthier and most importantly HAPPIER than he did last year. Muzzle says the light has come back into his eyes and that it would be hard to believe it was the same dog in both photos if we didn't know him. We love Wiggle :-)))