Thursday, 26 May 2011

Remembering my Best Big Sister Ever

Today it would have been my big Sister Cassie's Gotcha Day. Muzzle wrote a long blog about her here.

Muzzle and Dad got sad lots today, but we decided to remember all the wonderful years and times we all shared with Cassie too and celebrate her life. She really was the BBSE!

Sorry also to the lovely people who had left comments on previous posts. Muzzle hadn't had any notification of them so had only just seen them. Not sure why they didn't come straight through. Usually it's just the spam that gets held back.

Love Minnie-Moo xxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so much to the very gorgeous Dexter who very kindly requested good thoughts for me on his (and Mango's) blog and thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to post here and wish me well. We are so grateful for your thoughts.

Muzzle says I look so fit and healthy but the results are still really worrying her (and the vets are concerned too and talking about ultrasounds). We are really hoping that this new supplement does the trick and brings my results back to an acceptable level on the next test.

Could you spare some thoughts for my little old brother Jasper too please? He's 13 plus and has a heart murmur and now his liver isn't looking so good. He is still very much enjoying life, but he could do with some healing energy too please. You can meet him here.

Love Minnie (& Muzzle)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Good thoughts for my liver please

Hello, hope all my blogging friends are well. A special hello to the gorgeous Mango as he has been a bit poorly of late :( We have always loved Mango and his gorgeous Lab brother, Dexter, but ever since we lost our brindle girl Cassie last year, we have loved the Mango even more. Nothing beats a gorgeous brindle Mastiffy creature.

Muzzle is worrying about me at the moment and would like to ask for your good thoughts. I had a routine blood test a few months ago, which showed my liver enzyme levels were elevated. It was retested a few weeks later and the levels had risen (though I had had an operation and medication so we thought it might be related to that).

I then had a re-test a couple of months after that, after being on Milk Thistle for about 8 weeks. The levels had increased again :-( Muzzle took me to see our holistic vet today and we are trying an additional supplement for a month and then doing *another* blood test. I may have to be sedated and have an ultrasound after that.

Muzzle and Daddy are worried about the sedation and we just want me to be all well, so if you have any good thoughts to spare, we would love some to head my way. I am looking really good, am full of energy etc., but that isn't stopping Muzzle worrying.