Friday, 26 September 2008

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

I went out with Muzzle and Daddy today when they went for lunch. It was lovely and sunny and I was really excited so Muzzle took me for a quick run off lead while Daddy ordered their food, so I could burn off some energy.

After they'd eaten (and Muzzle had shared her chips!) we went for a longer walk - there was mud everywhere, it was great fun!

Muzzle laughed at my muddy paws ...

We walked off the mud and I posed with my Daddy in a sunny spot

I was a good girl and retrieved and carried my toy.

I heard Muzzle tell Daddy she was really proud of me and she said I am a very good girl off lead!

I stay near to them and when I walk ahead, I wait for them (they're much slower than me!) and turn around lots to check they are still there. That's because I love them!

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