Thursday, 25 September 2008

Woe is Minnie-Moo

This morning Muzzle took me to the vets as my eye is poorly - a bit red she said, with some "gunk" whatever that is.

I got very excited at the vets - there were lots of people waiting to meet me - well Muzzle said they were there working or had to take their own animals there, but I think they went because they heard I would be there.

I met a nice vet lady who checked my eye and then put a pointy thing up my bottom to check I wasn't too hot. She put orange stuff in my eye (which Muzzle is now wearing on her hand and clothes) and some green stuff which came out of my nose, so my drainage is ok :)

I had a local anaesthetic in my eye so the nice lady could poke around a little. That felt weird and I noticed Muzzle looking away so she didn't feel squeamish and make me worried. There was nothing in my eye but Muzzle was given some drops to put in my eye and I have to go back to the vets this weekend. The vet told Muzzle I was in good shape too - must be all that good food and the bouncing around I do!

I made some new friends in the waiting room while Daddy was paying the bill. A nice black dog that looked a bit like me and a brown dog. They were boys and seemed to like me.

Bye for now,

Poorly M-M

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