Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Snuggle Bunnies


It's really cold here at the moment. I was snuggled up with my brother and sister on the sofa earlier and Muzzle put a blanket over us to keep us warm. It was nice and cosy :) Muzzle took the photo on her mobile phone as she thought we'd move if she got her proper camera out of the bag, but you can still see us snuggled up if you look closely.

We had a man come to sweep the chimney today so Dad lit our first fire of the year in the fireplace. It made a funny spitting noise and I was a bit wary but Muzzle and Dad said it was fine - it definitely made the house nice and warm. I think we will be having more fires lit in the stove this winter :)


Ruby Isabella said...

Sitting by the fire all rugged up? I've never seen a fire. We're lounging around in the heat.

K27Blogs said...

You look so cute all cuddled up together. I think that more cuddling is the best thing about winter, well that and Christmas!

Minnie-Moo said...

Yes, snuggling is fun!

Ruby Isabella, you are lucky it is warm where you are, it's coooooooold here! I have posted some photos of our fire today, it's cosy!