Sunday, 18 January 2009

After the storm

The weather has been a bit wet and windy here for the last few days, but today we had some sunshine so Muzzle got her camera out and took a few shots of me fetching my ball.

The ball confused me. It looked much like my other ball, but was a different colour - Muzzle says orange instead of the usual red ball. It smelled a bit odd when Muzzle first threw it for me too, Muzzle said it would smell better once it had got muddy and she was right. Clever Muzzle.

Here's one of my brother looking rather handsome in the sunlight. Not long after that he rolled in a load of fox pooh. He was rather pleased with himself but Muzzle wasn't so happy when she had to wash it all off.

One thing we have noticed is that the evenings are staying light for a bit longer now, which is nice. We can't wait for spring :)

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Amber said...

Hi Minnie-Moo, thanks for visiting my blog! I have been enjoying checking yours out too! I can't believe you got to go to Narnia...that is pawesome! ;) Mom thinks it's very cool that your Muzzle helps out "oldies"...what a great thing to do. :)

As for the book, it will make Muzzle leak alot but it is so very good.