Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Mr Moo!

Mr Moo, my big brother, is ten today, so I wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

Muzzle chose my name because of him. His name is Max but his nickname (well one of them!) is Mr Moo. Muzzle and Daddy had applied to adopt a lab puppy from rescue and were trying to decide on a name if I was a girl. Muzzle was talking to Mr Moo about it and told him that I'd be a mini-Moo - and there was my name, Minnie! :-)))

We went for walk in the woods. It was REALLY muddy but we had fun. Muzzle bought Max a new toy - a dumbbell. She got him a smaller size than usual because he always wants the smaller things she has bought for me and she got me one the same so we had one each. We carried them all the way around the woods (Muzzle has a cunning plan that if we carry things we're less likely to stop to eat fox pooh!).

She wanted us to pose for some photos but I got distracted by Daddy, my toy which I'd left on the ground by Muzzle and by the mud. Muzzle said she doesn't know why I will happily lie down in a muddy puddle but didn't want to sit on it for photos.

We did have a good run around and a sniff but the weather was rubbish and so were those photos.


Amber said...

Happy birthday Mr. Moo! I think you two look very cute in the photos but I must say that I can't let Mom see this post because if she reads about your Muzzle's cunning plan then she may try it too. It sounds exactly like something she would want to try to keep me away from elk chips and other goodies....never had fox cookies before though...are they tasty? :)

Also, my back paws didn't stay warm and I got a teeny tiny scratch from the ice/snow. Mom and Dad are probably going to get me some better shoes soon. These ones were apparently a cheap pair they bought to try out. Mom does worry about my traction a bit with all four paws covered though. I just wish they would forget about this shoe idea all together! SHEESH!

Bark at ya later!


Ruby said...

Happy Birthday Mr Moo.
It sounds like you had a fun walk and got some great toys. I think muzzle's idea is a good one. My mom likes me to carry stuff when we walk too. It keeps my nose up in the air instead of investigating all those goodies.
Love Ruby

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Not rubbish at all. Dogs and mud were made for each other :)

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Labrador) said...

Nala, I'm not too sure about fox cookies - they look too runny to me! But my brother likes them and my other brother likes to roll in them. Yuck! I just stick to mud, which Muzzle says smells ok and dries off easily. I'm a good girl you see :)

Yes Nigel, Sola and Co, you're right, we were made for mud. Muzzle says her carpet isn't though! What she doesn't understand is why I will lie down in a muddy, cold, wet puddle but don't like to go in the garden when it's raining.


Sarah said...

Hi Minnie-Moo, I am so very pleased to meet you. I am also Minnie-Moo from the USofA. You can see my photo here:
I am also a rescue dog, I am a rescue border collie mix. I like your blog and think my mum should make one for me too... Woof!

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Labrador) said...

Oooh hello other Minnie-Moo, how lovely to hear from you :-) I took a look at your photo - looks as though you live in a lovely place. I think you definitely need a blog! If you get one, please send me a link :)