Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oh deer!

Muzzle didn't take any decent photos of us today but while we were in the woods, she stopped and told us to be quiet and stay. We looked into the field next to us and saw these ...

Muzzle said the photos aren't perfect as it was a bit dark in the woods and the deer weren't really close but I think they are pretty good!

Weren't we good dogs, sitting and watching the deer while Muzzle took the photos?

My Muzzle and Daddy are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary today - traditionally they celebrate with pizza and champagne (not sure how that one came about, I don't think they are either!).


Ruby Isabella said...

Yes, good dogs not chasing the deer. Was it tempting to chase them. Happy anniversary to your Muzzle and Dad!

Minnie-Moo said...

Muzzle says thanks for the good wishes :)

I wasn't tempted to chase the deer - I'm a good girl. Muzzle says I'd be teacher's pet if I was a child.