Friday, 16 January 2009

Remembering Sweetie

Sweetie was my "little big sis". I didn't get to meet her because she had to leave for the Bridge two years ago today, before I was even born, but Muzzle has told me about her. I know she and Daddy loved her very much.

She was somewhere aged between 10-13 when they adopted her, she had been picked up as a stray - very sad to think of any dog straying, but especially an oldie. Muzzle had been looking for an "oldie" to adopt, to give them a nice cosy bed in front of the fire for as long as they had left. She said when she saw a thread about a desperate old lady on a rescue forum, she knew this was the dog she'd been looking for - and Sweetie came home just a few days later.

No-one thought she would have very long left as she wasn't in very good condition when she arrived, but she was with my family for over three years! She is a very big part of the reason Muzzle got involved with Oldies Club too, to help other oldies.

Muzzle says Sweetie didn't like the camera at all, so it was hard to get photos of her as she got scared by it, but here are a few photos she managed to take of Sweetie.

On her third gotcha day, when she would have been aged somewhere between 13-16 probably:

And Sweetie with Daddy on the beach when my family went on holiday a few years ago. They had really wanted to get the chance to take her to the beach and they did :)

We're all thinking of you today Sweetie xxx


Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Happy day sweet girl.

Henry the Dog said...

Mum and me love your site. Thanks for visiting mine. Mum had a black lab called Sam in LBM (Life Before Me), so she gets very mushy when she sees black labs. My mum gets very tearful when she thinks about stray dogs - particularly oldies.

Ruby said...

Hi Minnie-Moo.
What a nice way to remember you sis Sweetie. She sounds like she was a nice member of your pack.
Love Ruby

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Labrador) said...

Muzzle says thank you to you all for your kind comments about Sweetie.