Saturday, 10 January 2009

Minnie-Moo in Narnia

Yesterday we went to Narnia - well that was what Muzzle called it as we walked around, but it looked like the woods to me, though they were a bit whiter than usual!

Doesn't it look pretty?

I did a bit of hiding (still need more practice!)

And some more posing - Muzzle says I'm very good at that ...

Here's my big brother (still holding MY birthday present you'll see!).

We had a really good time running around the woods and sniffing stuff - and my brother managed to find some fox pooh but Muzzle managed to stop him eating it in time!

This one looks rather desolate but Muzzle likes it.

The water is still frozen over at the moment, which seems to be confusing the ducks a little. Muzzle put us on lead before we got to the water. She said some dogs had got in real trouble this week because they'd run onto frozen water :-(


Ruby Isabella said...

Wow! You went for a walk in a fantasy land.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Hello Minnie-Moo. I came across your blog through Ruby Isabella's and loved the pictures. The neat thing is that Black Jack and I had just come back from a woods walk, and it seemed perfect to realize you had been enjoying the same spirit of forest beauty in another place. My post today was inspired by yours, and we will think of you as we head into the woods now for more of the same with the added factor of the first sun to make an appearance after three days of fog.