Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Walking in sunshine - and didn't it feel good!

Yesterday it was horrible and wet and grey so Muzzle didn't get her camera out of the bag on our walk. Today it was dry and sunny, but muddy from all the rain yesterday.

We played ball as usual :)

And then we played let's look the other way as Muzzle throws the ball, so I don't see where it lands. Followed by a good game of search ...

Hooray! Found it :-)

Muzzle likes this photo of me, she says I'm beautiful.

To end, a photo of a couple of trees - oh it's nice to see the sun again!

1 comment:

Ruby said...

Hi Minnie-Moo
I'm glad the sun is out. Have fun playing. It's to cold to go out her. I have just enough time for a quick pee stop before my feet are frozen.
I love the picute of you glowing in the sun. You are a very beautiful girl.
Love Ruby