Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Oh what fun we had in the woods!

I went to the woods again today with Muzzle, Daddy and my big brother.

He is keeping a firm hold of *MY* birthday toy but it means he doesn't try to steal my other one so much.
I had a good chase after my toy ...

And did a bit of posing

Then we found a really nice sunny bit and ran after our toys. My big brother had a good chase of his (MY!) toy - not bad for nearly ten years young eh?

You can see the leaves flying in this one:

Then he did a flip over with the toy and managed to catch it again:

And then he went a bit silly, as big brothers are inclined to do ...

You wouldn't catch ME being silly ...

Even though he already had my birthday toy, he tried to steal my toy again but I raced him for it ...

And I got it, see!
We had a great adventure today :)

Then Muzzle had to send Max back for his toy as he had left it behind. I waited for him.

And to finish today's photoshoot, a photo of a visitor to our garden that waits for Muzzle to feed him/her and poses for photos in return :)

Muzzle keeps talking about "snow" - she wants it to snow so we can play in it. It sounds cold, but FUN!

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