Saturday, 31 January 2009

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sky - a Lost Black Labrador :(

Muzzle often reads about dogs that are missing - either lost or worse, stolen. Thankfully many are found and reunited with their owners.

We have been reading today about Sky, a black lab who has gone missing in Market Bosworth (CV13) in England. He went missing on 1 December 2008.

You can read about him and see photos here and his family have set up a blog and a webcam of the location of the trap they are using to try to find him. The blog is in my links and you can find it here. If you are in that area of the UK, please keep a look out for him and let his family know if you have any info.

We hope Sky will be found safely soon!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Mr Moo!

Mr Moo, my big brother, is ten today, so I wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

Muzzle chose my name because of him. His name is Max but his nickname (well one of them!) is Mr Moo. Muzzle and Daddy had applied to adopt a lab puppy from rescue and were trying to decide on a name if I was a girl. Muzzle was talking to Mr Moo about it and told him that I'd be a mini-Moo - and there was my name, Minnie! :-)))

We went for walk in the woods. It was REALLY muddy but we had fun. Muzzle bought Max a new toy - a dumbbell. She got him a smaller size than usual because he always wants the smaller things she has bought for me and she got me one the same so we had one each. We carried them all the way around the woods (Muzzle has a cunning plan that if we carry things we're less likely to stop to eat fox pooh!).

She wanted us to pose for some photos but I got distracted by Daddy, my toy which I'd left on the ground by Muzzle and by the mud. Muzzle said she doesn't know why I will happily lie down in a muddy puddle but didn't want to sit on it for photos.

We did have a good run around and a sniff but the weather was rubbish and so were those photos.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A day of funny faces

It was sunny again today - see!

I like the sun. I pulled a few funny faces:

Practiced some dance moves again:

Had a splash in the puddles (and all over Muzzle!):

Chased my ball - Muzzle says it's lovely to see me running around and I love it too :) It helps me release some energy so I'm chilled out at home :)

Then I did some more posing. Muzzle noticed today as I was lying down with my ball, that as she knelt to take some photos and pointed the camera at me, I shifted round a bit to face her. She says I am a beautiful subject to photograph and very relaxed in front of the camera. Minnie-Moo-the-Model!

One of my brother enjoying the sunshine ...

And a tree enjoying the sunshine too ...

I'm dictating this to Muzzle to write as I'm busy roaching on the sofa on my back with my legs in the air, so I'd better go now so she can go and make herself a cup of tea. It's good to let our mums relax sometimes :)

Bye for now, M-M xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2009

After the storm

The weather has been a bit wet and windy here for the last few days, but today we had some sunshine so Muzzle got her camera out and took a few shots of me fetching my ball.

The ball confused me. It looked much like my other ball, but was a different colour - Muzzle says orange instead of the usual red ball. It smelled a bit odd when Muzzle first threw it for me too, Muzzle said it would smell better once it had got muddy and she was right. Clever Muzzle.

Here's one of my brother looking rather handsome in the sunlight. Not long after that he rolled in a load of fox pooh. He was rather pleased with himself but Muzzle wasn't so happy when she had to wash it all off.

One thing we have noticed is that the evenings are staying light for a bit longer now, which is nice. We can't wait for spring :)

Friday, 16 January 2009

Remembering Sweetie

Sweetie was my "little big sis". I didn't get to meet her because she had to leave for the Bridge two years ago today, before I was even born, but Muzzle has told me about her. I know she and Daddy loved her very much.

She was somewhere aged between 10-13 when they adopted her, she had been picked up as a stray - very sad to think of any dog straying, but especially an oldie. Muzzle had been looking for an "oldie" to adopt, to give them a nice cosy bed in front of the fire for as long as they had left. She said when she saw a thread about a desperate old lady on a rescue forum, she knew this was the dog she'd been looking for - and Sweetie came home just a few days later.

No-one thought she would have very long left as she wasn't in very good condition when she arrived, but she was with my family for over three years! She is a very big part of the reason Muzzle got involved with Oldies Club too, to help other oldies.

Muzzle says Sweetie didn't like the camera at all, so it was hard to get photos of her as she got scared by it, but here are a few photos she managed to take of Sweetie.

On her third gotcha day, when she would have been aged somewhere between 13-16 probably:

And Sweetie with Daddy on the beach when my family went on holiday a few years ago. They had really wanted to get the chance to take her to the beach and they did :)

We're all thinking of you today Sweetie xxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

In a hole

Muzzle took more photos today - and she laughed at this one because she says it looks as though I'm in a hole! How mean! I was just having a chill after going after my ball while my brother had a good sniff about.

See, I have got legs really!

And they're good for running and jumping!

I managed to fit in a bit of posing too:

And played follow-my-leader with my brother

He had a good run around too - he loves Muzzle lots and runs like mad when she calls him back :)

We're not sure what caught his collie-interest here, but something certainly did!

While I have your attention, if you know of anyone in the UK looking to adopt a rescue staffie, could you let them know about Marley - this gorgeous boy has been waiting in rescue for a year, he's just around eight years old (really not very old at all!) and is good with other dogs, cats and kids! What more could you want?

You can read about him here - isn't he gorgeous?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Walking in sunshine - and didn't it feel good!

Yesterday it was horrible and wet and grey so Muzzle didn't get her camera out of the bag on our walk. Today it was dry and sunny, but muddy from all the rain yesterday.

We played ball as usual :)

And then we played let's look the other way as Muzzle throws the ball, so I don't see where it lands. Followed by a good game of search ...

Hooray! Found it :-)

Muzzle likes this photo of me, she says I'm beautiful.

To end, a photo of a couple of trees - oh it's nice to see the sun again!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Minnie-Moo in Narnia

Yesterday we went to Narnia - well that was what Muzzle called it as we walked around, but it looked like the woods to me, though they were a bit whiter than usual!

Doesn't it look pretty?

I did a bit of hiding (still need more practice!)

And some more posing - Muzzle says I'm very good at that ...

Here's my big brother (still holding MY birthday present you'll see!).

We had a really good time running around the woods and sniffing stuff - and my brother managed to find some fox pooh but Muzzle managed to stop him eating it in time!

This one looks rather desolate but Muzzle likes it.

The water is still frozen over at the moment, which seems to be confusing the ducks a little. Muzzle put us on lead before we got to the water. She said some dogs had got in real trouble this week because they'd run onto frozen water :-(

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oh deer!

Muzzle didn't take any decent photos of us today but while we were in the woods, she stopped and told us to be quiet and stay. We looked into the field next to us and saw these ...

Muzzle said the photos aren't perfect as it was a bit dark in the woods and the deer weren't really close but I think they are pretty good!

Weren't we good dogs, sitting and watching the deer while Muzzle took the photos?

My Muzzle and Daddy are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary today - traditionally they celebrate with pizza and champagne (not sure how that one came about, I don't think they are either!).

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Having a ball

Just one photo today as I showed you so many yesterday. Had a lovely walk and white stuff started falling, which Muzzle got really excited about and said was snow?! She was hoping it would stay on the ground but it didn't, but it was still fun.

I posed for some photos - I'm good at that - and then I was allowed to pick up my ball again. There was a tractor thingie driving around clearing up the tracks but we stayed clear of that and I wasn't scared of the noise at all.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Oh what fun we had in the woods!

I went to the woods again today with Muzzle, Daddy and my big brother.

He is keeping a firm hold of *MY* birthday toy but it means he doesn't try to steal my other one so much.
I had a good chase after my toy ...

And did a bit of posing

Then we found a really nice sunny bit and ran after our toys. My big brother had a good chase of his (MY!) toy - not bad for nearly ten years young eh?

You can see the leaves flying in this one:

Then he did a flip over with the toy and managed to catch it again:

And then he went a bit silly, as big brothers are inclined to do ...

You wouldn't catch ME being silly ...

Even though he already had my birthday toy, he tried to steal my toy again but I raced him for it ...

And I got it, see!
We had a great adventure today :)

Then Muzzle had to send Max back for his toy as he had left it behind. I waited for him.

And to finish today's photoshoot, a photo of a visitor to our garden that waits for Muzzle to feed him/her and poses for photos in return :)

Muzzle keeps talking about "snow" - she wants it to snow so we can play in it. It sounds cold, but FUN!