Sunday, 20 July 2008

For my poor neglected Auntie

Mum said my special Auntie M wanted to see some more photos of me, so with the assistance of tuna cake, here are a few photos from today :)

Mum said I still have some growing to do but don't I look pretty?

Here I am with my big brother/namesake Mr Moo (AKA Max). He lets me steal his toys sometimes.

Here is he though, pretending he's not hiding a toy from me by sitting on it ...

Is she ever going to stop taking photos?



Auntie M said...

Auntie M here :) M-M could you not tell your brother he has a ball under his bum !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are a cheeky girl :)

Anonymous said...

lol @ auntie m :-)

I myself think that's a very clever and cunning place to hide a ball. Afterall what delightful young labrador lady is going to want to poke her nose in that direction (an we all know just how smelly men are) and attempt a recovery retrieve?

Very clever indeed.

Minnie you are looking GORGEOUS.

Much love

Auntie Hxx

Little cottage in the woods said...

Auntie H here again Minnie x

I would like to add your blog link to mine, errr how do I do that?