Saturday, 5 July 2008

Street Market

Mum and Dad took me to a street market. There was lots going on and I had fun sniffing all the new smells!

I met some very nice people who thought I was beautiful and well behaved - which mum says I am most of the time.

I posed with Dad for some photos. Doesn't he look thrilled to be there?!

Mum said at least I looked as though I was having fun ...

After the street market, mum took me to a health/well being event inside a hall and we walked around there for a bit while Dad went to the cake shop.

Mum visited a chocolate stall but didn't have enough change to buy any! Mum LOVES chocolate, especially nicely made dark chocolate, so she was a bit miffed but she is going to order some through the computer - how clever is that! I know dogs aren't allowed chocolate because it can make us really poorly, so I lay down nicely underneath the stall while mum was talking to the nice lady. Mum said the lady lives on a farm and makes chocolate for a living, which would be her perfect life!

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