Friday, 4 July 2008

A nicer kind of Bath

Today mum and dad said they were taking me to bath, I got a bit worried as I had a shower not long after I arrived and it wasn't overly fun!

I didn't need to worry though, it was Bath, a really nice city, that they took me to. I went with them to a business meeting and then we walked around Bath for a bit.

This is mum and me posing outside our new house.

Well ok, tis not really our house but Bath Abbey but a pup can dream, right?

If you notice any wonky photography, that was my dad's fault, although he'd only been on the coffee!

I luffs my mum :-)))

There's also an art exhibition or something in Bath, with different pigs around. Here's mum and me posing next to one of them.

There were lots of people in Bath, it's popular with tourists mum says, but I don't mind being in crowds at all. I got to say hello to some new people who all said I was very lovely. I think so too!

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