Monday, 28 July 2008

VIP (Very Important Petition)

Weird day here. Was lovely and sunny and we were all chilling in the garden and then suddenly it started raining and there was this strange noise, it sounded like a big heavy lorry but mum said it was called thunder! I'm not sure if I have heard thunder before.

One of my brothers didn't like it and tried to hide in silly places - like behind the tv, the fireplace and by the side of the oven. Mum had to put him in his crate for a bit to get him to calm down and stop him hurting himself. I was a brave girl and wanted to go out and play in it but mum said I had to wait.

Mum asked if I could tell you about a petition for compulsory microchipping - it's been set up by a group of schoolchildren and mum said it's great that children are working to try to help dogs.

You can read about the petition here - they have got lots of signatures but need LOTS more so please sign if you can and tell all your friends about it too.

Ooooh, we got new toys today. THREE new Air Kong dumbells to share. I love them and have played with my brother's ones since I outgrew my puppy versions, but I had chewed the fluff of them a bit and even chewed into the rubber so mum got some new ones for us. They are all lovely and shiny and new and yellow - mum said that won't last very long. I will get her to take some photos of me soon ... bye for now xxx

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